AEV Sells G.I. Jeeps to Regular Joes

 - Apr 10, 2009
References: aev-conversions & jalopnik
What would you pay $50,00 for? A new BMW? A boat? How about a stripped-down military spec Jeep? While the price of the AEV J8 MILSPEC Jeep Wrangler is a bit steep for most, the arsenal of sweet Army/guy stuff it has makes it seem worthwhile.

You need to be airlifted out of traffic, you say? You're in luck. The EV J8 MILSPEC Jeep Wrangler comes equipped with tow loops rated for helicopter lifting. Other cool features include a reinforced frame, heavy duty Dana axles, a snorkel air filtering system that can handle a five-hour sandstorm, and an optional 330-HP HEMI V8. If you want one, act fast: The AEV J8 MILSPEC Jeep Wrangler will be produced in very small numbers.