Only Organic's New Mac Donald Campaign Encourages Safe Farming

 - Jun 15, 2015
References: NewMacDonald & adsoftheworld
Only Organic recently released an eye-opening campaign that illustrates the damaging effects of sprayed and pesticide-infused foods. The ad features a group of children who perform in a seemingly ordinary recital. Singing the famous 'Old McDonald' tune, this commercial's cast describes the fictional character's farm, eventually changing their song to something that is more dark in its theme.

After describing the various pesticides and harmful sprays that Old McDonald uses, the kids change course for the rest of the recital, encouraging organic farming practices and saying no to pesticides. By the end of this commercial, Only Ogranic's faux recital is renamed 'New McDonald' and is a social commentary against farmers' unfair treatment of animals and their use of harmful pesticides and sprays.