Theo and Beau’s Update is Heart-Warming

 - May 5, 2014
References: instagram & mymodernmet
Just when you thought you’d mastered the art of hiding your feelings, a Theo and Beau update has surfaced to melt your heart. The rescue puppy and toddler duo became an Internet sensation last year, when mom Jessica Shyba uploaded photos of their daily naps onto her Instagram account ‘mommasgonecity.’ Needless to say, the adorable cuddle pals continue to be inseparable.

Six months after their debut, the Internet has been gifted with a slew of new photos of the pair— and my how they’ve grown! At two and a half years of age, Beau is noticeably bigger, but Theo is the real surprise of the two. The once-diminutive puppy has now surpassed his toddler friend in size.

Of course, the passing of time and the accumulation of inches is no match for the pair’s unconditional love and affection. Shyba says, "I’m constantly reminded that we are still at the beginning of their relationship and our story now that Theo is in it is changing all the time in the best ways."