The Earth911 Recycling Campaign Artistically Advocates Environmental Change

 - May 29, 2013
References: grey & adsoftheworld
These Earth911 Recycling print ads illustrate how proper disposal makes an impact on living things just as much as it does the planet.

Conceived by advertising agency Grey in New York City, the campaign includes two ads featuring a wolf and a bear in a forest. Although the Earth911 Recycling campaign definitely addresses an important environmental issue, the artistic direction of the images is also worth mentioning. Rather than just photographed in its natural setting, the wolf and bear are made with paper in origami style by artist Quentin Trollip to directly connect the importance of recycling with the animal itself. The ads are accompanied by the simple copy "Recycling saves more than trees."

Thought-provoking with admirable artistry, the Earth911 Recycling ads take a different approach that definitely seems to be working.