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Trend Reports
Discover why 1,206 brands rely on our AI-powered Trend Reports to get better, faster insights.
Join 329,670 subscribers who rely on our weekly newsletter to keep up with need-to-know trends and insights.
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Learn more about how to hunt megatrends, ideas, patterns and opportunity.
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YouTube Spoofvertising

Slight variations on YouTube videos are being used for clever commentary

Implications - YouTube is being used at an increased rate as an effective way to reach a younger audience. Brands are taking the entertainment in these videos up a notch by spoofing existing YouTube content for a more enjoyable viewing experience. This not only makes it more likely for said videos to go viral, but may lead to consumers actively seeking out content by a brand, motivated by entertainment.
Trend Themes
1. Spoofvertising - Brands spoof existing YouTube content for a more enjoyable viewing experience, effectively reaching a younger audience and motivating consumers by entertainment. Disruptive innovation opportunity lies in creating humorous mashups that engage millennials.
2. Interactive Safety Campaigns - Awareness campaigns that shock viewers into action are not only effective, but can be shared easily and broadcast on social media. Disruptive innovation opportunity lies in developing unexpected means of communicating important messages to engage audiences.
3. Satirical Videos - Parodying existing content can challenge the status quo and start important conversations while still being humorous. Disruptive innovation opportunity lies in creating eye-catching, satirical content to challenge stereotypes and social norms.
Industry Implications
1. Marketing & Advertising - Marketers and advertisers can use spoofvertising and satirical videos as an effective way to engage and entertain audiences, resulting in viral content that motivates consumers to seek out their brand or product.
2. Social and Public Health - Developing interactive campaigns that shock viewers into awareness about issues such as safety can go viral on social media and start important conversations, making it easier to spread the word.
3. Entertainment - Satirical mashups can challenge traditional media narratives and engage audiences in conversations about social norms and stereotypes, providing growth opportunities for entertainment companies and creatives.
6 Featured, 52 Examples:
994,718 Total Clicks
Date Range:
May 12 — Jul 13

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled Sci-Fi Pop Song Remixes
Sci-Fi Pop Song Remixes
'Star Wars that I Used to Know' Expresses Disdain for Saga's Latest Films
While Gotye has said that he is getting tired of the constant remixes involving his hit song ‘Somebody that I used to Know,’ if he is a Star Wars fan he will certainly appreciate the &#... MORE
play_circle_filled Unabashedly Confident Spoofs
Unabashedly Confident Spoofs
The xoVain Editors Poke Fun at the Dove Beauty Ads in This Clip
The charmingly narcissistic self-portraits in the xoVain video titled ‘Vain Editors Describe Themselves to a Sketch Artist’ are slightly exaggerated drawings of each editor. A sketch... MORE
play_circle_filled Unexpected Driver Safety Campaigns
Unexpected Driver Safety Campaigns
The Volkswagen ‘Don’t Make Up and Drive’ Ad i
Using a very clever and pop culture-inspired tactic, this ‘Don’t Make Up and Drive’ campaign by Volkswagen gets its message across in a shocking way. Promoting awareness of the dangers of... MORE
play_circle_filled Satrical Women's Rights Videos
Satrical Women's Rights Videos
The Feminist Parody Makeup YouTube Video Spoofs Gender Roles
All those in search of a good laugh, check out Tadelesmith’s makeup YouTube parody on how feminists should apply their everyday makeup for the “next time [they] come into a contact with... MORE
play_circle_filled Mayoral Scandal Parodies
Mayoral Scandal Parodies
This Hour Has 22 Minutes Creates Mock Rob Ford Reality Show
With the news that Rob Ford has been ordered to step down as mayor of Toronto, This Hour Has 22 Minutes is launching the fake reality show “Robbie Boo Boo.” The spoof reality show is... MORE
Disney-fied Action Trailers
Disney-fied Action Trailers
The Disney Hunger Games Spoof is Shockingly Spot-on
The craze surrounding the Hunger Games franchise has just hit a new level: Disney Hunger Games. The genius mashup has been created through a YouTube promo that mixes the two franchises together to... MORE

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Vibrant Pathogen Self-Portraits
Vibrant Pathogen Self-Portraits
Bacteriograms by Erno-Erik Raitanen Captures His Germs
Quirky Blogger Caricatures
Quirky Blogger Caricatures
Jon Burgerman Sketches the Gorgeously Glam Girls on Tumblr
Botanical Dance Photograpy
Botanical Dance Photograpy
The Self-Portraits by Former Dancer Ingrid Endel are Stunning
Deceased Animal Portraits
Deceased Animal Portraits
The Rowan Corkill Images Display a Series of Dead Animals
Typographic Self-Portraits
Typographic Self-Portraits
The 'You Are Your Words' Website Makes Pictures from Written Words
Sleep Walking Self Portraits
Sleep Walking Self Portraits
Simon Cheung's Photography Portfolio Depicts the Artist Snoozing
Disproportionate Self-Portraits
Disproportionate Self-Portraits
Paul Armstrong Depicts Himself in an Everyday Wonderland
play_circle_filled Daily Abuse Documentation PSAs
Daily Abuse Documentation PSAs
The Viral Photo-a-Day Challenge is Used in this Poignant Campaign
Gender Specific Tablets
Gender Specific Tablets
The ePad Femme is a Tablet Designed for Women and is Causing Controversy
Intense Reptilian Headshots
Intense Reptilian Headshots
Cristina Otero Takes Artistic Self-Portraits Posing with a Snake
Foamy Clerical Collar Ads
Foamy Clerical Collar Ads
The Church End Brewery 'World's End' Campaign is Very Priestly
Sci-Fi Fatherly Spoofs
Sci-Fi Fatherly Spoofs
Darth Vader's Little Princess Depicts the Sith Lord as a Playful Parent
play_circle_filled Viral Marketing Parodies
Viral Marketing Parodies
Buyral is a Fake Service Boasting an Army of Clickers
play_circle_filled Fowl-Frying PSA Videos (UPDATE)
Fowl-Frying PSA Videos (UPDATE)
The William Shatner Turkey Frying PSA Remix is a Great Reminder
play_circle_filled Holiday Parade Parodies
Holiday Parade Parodies
This Animated Spoof Will Get You Hyped for the 2012 Thanksgiving Parade
Presidential Speech Parodies
Presidential Speech Parodies
Look-a-Like Rhymes Obama's Acceptance Speech in Viral Music Video
play_circle_filled Obsessive Partnership Parodies
Obsessive Partnership Parodies
Vittoria Natarelli Discusses the Overly Attached Girlfriend Song
play_circle_filled Fight Film Baby Parodies
Fight Film Baby Parodies
The 'Dragon Baby' Video Adds Creativity and Hilarity to Kill Bill Parody
Viral Song Shirts
Viral Song Shirts
Break Out in Song and Dance Legitimately Wearing the Gangnam Style Shirt
Anti-Feminist Political Memes
Anti-Feminist Political Memes
The 'Binders Full of Women' Tumblr Satirizes Romney's Debate Misstep
Race Re-imagined Damsels
Race Re-imagined Damsels
Racially Altered Disney Princesses Touch on Feminist Issues
play_circle_filled Suburban Fairytale Remixes
Suburban Fairytale Remixes
'Beauty and the BEAT!' is a YouTube Parody of the Classic Disney Story
play_circle_filled Interactive Criminal Campaigns
Interactive Criminal Campaigns
DNA Project Aims to Stop People From Interfering with Crime Scenes
Urbanite Running Campaigns
Urbanite Running Campaigns
The Laura Barisonzi Sports Photography is Energetic
Embarassing Father Campaigns
Embarassing Father Campaigns
The ‘Dads in Briefs’ Commercial by BGH is Hilarious
play_circle_filled Clamor-Collecting Campaigns
Clamor-Collecting Campaigns
The Cheering Truck by Coca-Cola Records Fans' Love for the Soccer Team
play_circle_filled Employee-Modeling Fashion Campaigns
Employee-Modeling Fashion Campaigns
Living the Kors Life Turns 3 Staff Members into Style Muses
play_circle_filled Bank-Based Literacy Campaigns
Bank-Based Literacy Campaigns
The 'Little Guy' by BBVA Adopts a Direct Donation Strategy
play_circle_filled Blogger Endorsement Campaigns
Blogger Endorsement Campaigns
The Toni & Guy 'Blogged and Bound' Campaign Uses Online Personas
play_circle_filled Flying Feline Campaigns
Flying Feline Campaigns
The ASPCA 'Hovercat' Ad Makes the Most of Cat Memes
Updated Harajuku-Chic Campaigns
Updated Harajuku-Chic Campaigns
The Armani Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Film Gets Lost in Translation
play_circle_filled Childhood Host Remixes
Childhood Host Remixes
The Mister Rogers Garden of Your Mind Song is Nostalgic
play_circle_filled Facebook Founder Music Videos
Facebook Founder Music Videos
The Mark Zuckerberg Musical Shows the Rise of the Social Media Giant
Hunter-Themed Photoshoots
Hunter-Themed Photoshoots
The Schon Magazine 17 Crystal Renn Set is Hunger Game Themed
Post-Apocalyptic Film Parodies
Post-Apocalyptic Film Parodies
The Gingerhaze Tumblr Echoes Some of the Views of Hunger Games Fans
Director-Switched Movie Posters
Director-Switched Movie Posters
The 'Hunger Games Imposters' Put a Twist on the Dystopian World
Haute Hunger Games Lookbooks
Haute Hunger Games Lookbooks
Lauren Conrad's Paper Crown Fall 2012 Lookbook Features a Cast Member
play_circle_filled Adventure-Inspired Manicures
Adventure-Inspired Manicures
This Camouflage Nail Art by Cutepolish is Rugged Yet Chic
play_circle_filled Darling Dystopian Manicures
Darling Dystopian Manicures
This Effie Trinket Nail Art by Cutepolish is Chic
play_circle_filled Cartoon Acid Music Videos
Cartoon Acid Music Videos
The Death Set 'They Come to Get Us' Video is Bizarre and Pop Icon-Ridden
Dystopia Cartoon Mashups
Dystopia Cartoon Mashups
The Hunger Games Characters as Simpsons Stars are Hilarious
Post-Apocalyptic Pendants
Post-Apocalyptic Pendants
The Hunger Games Necklace Pays Tribute to District 12
play_circle_filled Female Mustache Music Videos
Female Mustache Music Videos
'Man Made' by Clock Opera Shows Characters with Opposite Roles
play_circle_filled Techno-Cut Celebrities
Techno-Cut Celebrities
DJ Flula Remixes The Cast of 'Jeff Who Lives at Home'
play_circle_filled Rebel Character Manicures
Rebel Character Manicures
The 'Hunger Games' Nails by Cutepolish are Fierce and Chic
play_circle_filled 360-Degree Stop Motion Videos
360-Degree Stop Motion Videos
Gotye ‘Easy Way Out' Film Clip Tells a Spinning Story
Feminist Popstar Parody Blogs
Feminist Popstar Parody Blogs
The 'Hey Girl, It's Rih' Tumblr Imagines an Outspoken Rihanna
play_circle_filled Single Instrument Bands
Single Instrument Bands
'Somebody That I Used to Know' is Covered by One Guitar and Five Artists
Fierce Female Pinups
Fierce Female Pinups
Will Murai Puts the Power in His Illustrated Ladies' Capable Hands
play_circle_filled Political Perversion Giveaways
Political Perversion Giveaways
'Putin's Army' Campaign Rewards Supporters Who Strip with iPad 2s
Feminist Fabric Dolls
Feminist Fabric Dolls
These Uterus Plushies by Vulva Love Lovely are Interestingly Odd
Fierce Feminine Illustrations
Fierce Feminine Illustrations
Serge Birault Portrays Woman as Hot Power Villains