Serge Birault Portrays Woman as Hot Power Villains

Serge Birault explores the dark sensuality of women in this series of villainous portraits.

Evil to the core, Serge Birault's (aka PapaNinja’s) art suggests that women can dominate and feel sexy. Infusing power objects like cigarettes, cigars, chainsaws, whips, suits and books with big-breasted women in seductive outfits, Serge Birault uses art to express the intensity of the wicked power-seeking feminist. From the goth female soldier devouring a monster to the big-breasted blond slaughtering amphibians, this work is a major innovation of feminist metaphors in art.

With provocative artwork like ‘Sashimi’s Revenge’ and ’Sympathy for the Devil,’ Birault certainly shows the rougher side of femininity.