The Gingerhaze Tumblr Echoes Some of the Views of Hunger Games Fans

With the recent craze surrounding the release of the first Hunger Games movie, up have sprung comics, gifs, and parodies. Recently, comics from Gingerhaze's Tumblr have caught the attention of Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. Featuring Hunger Games characters Katniss, Peet, and Rue, these comics play on storylines and themes from the popular movie and book series.

Offering a unique and hilarious outlook on these plotlines and characters, Gingerhaze's designs have struck gold among Hunger Games fans. The expression of Noelle's (Gingerhaze's operator) vision of the series seems to echoes some of the views of fellow Hunger Games fans and long-dedicated book series followers. Be sure to check out the comics that have Huffington post writers "obsessed"!