This Hour Has 22 Minutes Creates Mock Rob Ford Reality Show

 - Nov 27, 2012
With the news that Rob Ford has been ordered to step down as mayor of Toronto, This Hour Has 22 Minutes is launching the fake reality show "Robbie Boo Boo."

The spoof reality show is presented as if it is a legitimate TLC program, but plays on the notoriety of the popular show Honey Boo Boo. In the clip, a Rob Ford impersonator sits on his desk in a pink tutu and shirt and tie while he talks about his new show and even touches on his conflict of interest problems.

"I gotta go to court because they say I dun had a conflict of interest," says the Ford impersonator. "But that ain't true. I dun never been conflicted because I dun never been interested in nothin!" In reality, Rob Ford will now file an appeal to the court's decision as well as a stay to allow him to continue day to day operations as mayor while his case is heard.