The xoVain Editors Poke Fun at the Dove Beauty Ads in This Clip

 - May 30, 2013
References: xovain
The charmingly narcissistic self-portraits in the xoVain video titled 'Vain Editors Describe Themselves to a Sketch Artist' are slightly exaggerated drawings of each editor. A sketch artist was hired to draw the editors' vain visages without actually seeing them, which is a clearly satirical take on the Dove Beauty campaign released earlier this year wherein insecure women described themselves in negative terms to sketch artists, yielding ugly portraits that looked nothing like them.

In this case, the opposite occurs. The editors at xoVain shower themselves in compliments saying things like: "I'm like a cross between Jenna Elfman and Renee Zellwegger" and "I have beautiful, child-like eyes." The resulting sketches shine the editors in a positive light, making for more accurate portraits than the original Dove campaign's. This ultimately proves that there is nothing wrong with (or dishonest about) a bit of narcissism.