DNA Project Aims to Stop People From Interfering with Crime Scenes

 - Jun 20, 2012
References: dnaproject.co.za & creativecriminals
Every year in South Africa there are many criminals who escape conviction because of the public's interference with crime scene evidence; however, the DNA Project aims to stop that with this public message.

The DNA Project is a campaign that attempts to educate the public that it's vital to never disturb a crime scene. To get this message across, the project took place in a Cape Town train station where a giant mugshot of a criminal was spray painted on a six by eight canvas made with small white pebbles.

Before the station opened, a perfect illustration lays soundly but as rush hour hits, people stampeded over the sand sculpture and in no time, the image became blurry. The words below the distorted image was clear: "Disturbing a crime scene makes it impossible to identify the criminal."