DJ Flula Remixes The Cast of 'Jeff Who Lives at Home'

In this video, DJ Flula remixes celebrities from the upcoming comedy 'Jeff Who Lives at Home.' The end result is a pumping techno song made of spliced soundbites from the actors.

DJ Flula first asks the cast to make any kind of noise so he can remix it into a techno song. At first, the cast of the movie is a little weirded out by his request because of Flula's wild personality, but they are generous enough to give him some sort of noise. Ed helms makes the melody for the song with his techno beat while Jason Segal provides a clean popping noise. As the song progresses, Judy Greer adds in the word "Jeff?" which is cut to repeat very fast.

When DJ Flula remixes celebrities, one knows it's going to be jamming.