The Church End Brewery 'World's End' Campaign is Very Priestly

 - Nov 27, 2012
References: rbh & ibelieveinadv
The Church End Brewery 'World's End' ad campaign touches on the supposed apocalypse happening at the end of the world. Parodying the religious connotations behind the brand's name, the campaign urges people to wash away their sins before the inevitable end of the world through beer rather than prayer.

Created by Rees Bradley Hepburn, an ad agency based in the United Kingdom, the Church End Brewery 'World's End' ad campaign revolves around portraits of what appears to be priests. Nevertheless, the black garb is simply their regular outfits cloaked in darkness while the clerical collar is an illusion stemming from the beer head. It was art directed by Mike Gethin with creative direction by Stuart Jackson and Mike Kalin.