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Reformatted Documentary

Documentaries are being viewed in, and designed for, new distinct formats

Implications - Filmmakers and businesses are opting to design documentaries around formats that include augmented and virtual reality, and gamified elements. The integration of documentaries into connected, immersive platforms serves consumers seeking more thrill from their interactions with once-traditional mediums.
Workshop Question - How can your brand integrate new platforms through which its products/services can be viewed or used?
5 Featured, 45 Examples:
54,702 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Sep 17 — Feb 18
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

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AR Olympics Reviews
AR Olympics Reviews
The New York Times is Offering Augmented Reality Sports Coverage
Surface-Tracking AR Stickers
Surface-Tracking AR Stickers
Google Updated Its Motion Stills App to Include an AR Experience
AR Piano Lessons
AR Piano Lessons
The Music Everywhere App Uses AR to Teach the Piano
Gold-Plated Condiment Jars
Gold-Plated Condiment Jars
Marmite is Offering an 18 Carat Gold Jar Through an AR Scavenger Hunt
AR Art-Viewing Apps
AR Art-Viewing Apps's Mobile App Now Supports Augmented Reality Artwork Previews
play_circle_filled AR Face-Painting Apps
AR Face-Painting Apps
The AR Face Maker App Makes the Most of the iPhone X's 3D Facial Recognition
Medical AR Systems
Medical AR Systems
ProjectDR's Augmented Reality is Hoping to Innovate the Surgical Field
Rugged Car Brand Smartphones
Rugged Car Brand Smartphones
The Land Rover 'Explore' Withstands Extreme Temperatures and More
3D Produce Previews
3D Produce Previews
Walmart's Newest Patent Aims to Help with Buying Produce Online
play_circle_filled Humanized Self-Driving Car Experiments
Humanized Self-Driving Car Experiments
Moove Lab Developed an Autonomous Experience for People
AR Card Games
AR Card Games
Yu-Gi-Oh! Has Been Reinvented as an Augmented Reality Card Game
High-Def Low Vision Aids
High-Def Low Vision Aids
IrisVision was Developed by LVS in Partnership with Samsung
Eye-Strengthening VR Systems
Eye-Strengthening VR Systems
Vivid Vision is Replacing More Traditional Forms of Vision Therapy
Preoperative Image Rendering Tools
Preoperative Image Rendering Tools
Stanford Medicine's VR Tool Offers a 3D Model of Medical Scans
Patient Education VR Programs
Patient Education VR Programs
Sharecare Reality Lab Offers a Deeper Understanding of a Diagnosis
play_circle_filled Standalone VR Headsets
Standalone VR Headsets
The 'Oculus Go' Operates Without Cables or a Mobile Phone
Virtual Reality Live Streaming
Virtual Reality Live Streaming
VisitU Enables Bedridden Patients to Experience Events in Real-Time
Pain-Distracting VR Games
Pain-Distracting VR Games
The SnowWorld VR Game Treats Pain More Effectively Than Morphine
play_circle_filled VR Travel Series
VR Travel Series
'Discovery TRVLR' Offers a Virtual Journey to All Seven Continents
play_circle_filled Anime VR Attractions
Anime VR Attractions
Tokyo's VR Zone Shinjuku is Unveiling a VR Experience Based on Gundam
Futuristic Tech-Based Conferences
Futuristic Tech-Based Conferences
The 'Worlds Fair Nano' is a Two-Day Event in Brooklyn
Streaming Alert Apps
Streaming Alert Apps
'Stream Time' Helps Users Keep Tabs on Upcoming Live Videos
Collaborative Car Design Experiences
Collaborative Car Design Experiences
Chevrolet Indie Fridays Invited Guests to Spray Paint a Car
Social Media-Streaming SIMs
Social Media-Streaming SIMs
Vodafone's Voxi SIMs Offer Free Streaming for Certain Social Media
Music-Streaming Site Podcast Ads
Music-Streaming Site Podcast Ads
Spotify Will Push Podcast Content in a New Marketing Strategy
Ultrafast Gaming Routers
Ultrafast Gaming Routers
The ASUS RT-AC86U Router Offers Lag-Free Gaming and 4K Streaming
play_circle_filled Vinyl Recording Apps
Vinyl Recording Apps
'Vinyl Recorder' Lets Record Collectors Take Their Music on the Go
play_circle_filled 360-Degree Closet Tours
360-Degree Closet Tours
Vogue's Tour of Kendall Jenner's Closet is Powered by Google Daydream
Reality-Altering Video Platforms
Reality-Altering Video Platforms
Vahana VR is the World's First Live VR Video Software
4G 360-Degree Dash Cams
4G 360-Degree Dash Cams
The Waylens 'Secure360' Car Security Camera Captures All Angles
Binge-Watching River Cruises
Binge-Watching River Cruises
Three and Time Out London are Offering Netflix on the River Thames
Multifunctional Stackable Seating
Multifunctional Stackable Seating
Yemenite Stackable Stools Can be Stacked for Easy Storage
Communal Music Apps
Communal Music Apps
'JQBX' Enables You to Listen to Music with Friends or Strangers
VR Espresso Machines
VR Espresso Machines
Google's Daydream Team is Experimenting with Training in VR Environments
VR British Broadcaster Apps
VR British Broadcaster Apps
The BBC Taster VR App is a Repository for the Broadcaster's VR Content
VR Baseball Videos
VR Baseball Videos
Samsung and the MLB Will Release 20 VR Videos During the 2017 Season
Dark Superhero VR Experience
Dark Superhero VR Experience
'Batman: Arkham VR' Lets Consumers Play as Batman in First Person
play_circle_filled Historic Figure Combat Games
Historic Figure Combat Games
The 'War of Currents' Game Pits Thomas Edison Against Nikola Tesla
Storytelling Driving Games
Storytelling Driving Games
Do Not Commute is a Strategic and Story-Based Game App for iOS Gadgets
Affectionate Video Games
Affectionate Video Games
Bjorn Borg's First Person Lover Kills Villains with Kindness
Immoral Adventure Games
Immoral Adventure Games
Tales from the Borderlands is All About Making Choices, but Not Moral Ones
play_circle_filled Gaming-Inspired Explosive Arrows
Gaming-Inspired Explosive Arrows
These Arrows Right Out of the Crysis Games are Explosively Lethal
play_circle_filled Zombified Travel Simulators
Zombified Travel Simulators
'The Organ Trail' is a Mobile Game Homage to the Classic Oregon Trail
play_circle_filled Documentary Gaming Trailers
Documentary Gaming Trailers
BioShock Infinite Has the First Historic Documentary Game Trailer
Solemn Soldier Campaigns
Solemn Soldier Campaigns
Battlefield 3 Launches with Army Men in London