These Arrows Right Out of the Crysis Games are Explosively Lethal

 - Feb 21, 2013
References: youtube & geekologie
These exploding arrows will make any Crysis fan squeal with delight while everyone else will run for cover.

Created by YouTube user 'RatedRR" these explosive tipped arrows really work, as demonstrated on a poor, defenseless watermelon. Watching the arrow take out the hapless fruit in super high speed is hypnotizing to watch. The explosive and probably illegal arrows were achieved by packing explosives into the arrow tip, and another in the fletchings of the arrow so that whatever gets hit can be impaled before being blown to pieces. These exploding arrows will be the perfect defense mechanism when the aliens invade and we need to fight back with primitive DIY weapons.

The arrows were inspired by the Crysis series of video games, an intense first person shooter series loaded with sci-fi weaponry and gadgets.