'Vinyl Recorder' Lets Record Collectors Take Their Music on the Go

 - Aug 25, 2017
References: convert-av & digitaltrends
For all the benefits of vinyl in terms of sound quality, Convert Technologies' new 'Vinyl Recorder' app solves one of the analog medium's clearest drawbacks. The app lets users record their vinyl records on their smartphones so they can bring crisp sound around with them in their pockets.

It's tough to dispute the superior sound quality of vinyl. As an analog recording, it's inherently higher fidelity than even the highest resolution audio files. However, vinyls need to be played on record players, meaning that music can't be taken on the road like it can with streaming services. With Vinyl Recorder, that's no longer an issue; as long as one's record player has a USB port (as most modern players do,) users can upload their music directly from vinyl onto their phones.