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Comical Parenting

Humor is being infused into parent-targeted products and campaigns

Brands are representing a more relaxed approach to parenting by incorporating humor into their various products and campaigns. The "humor" tactic is the most recent development in the evolution of parent-targeting initiatives. This shift speaks to the necessity of accommodating the personal values of Millennials as they become the next generation of parents, with a more relaxed and open-minded approach than their predecessors.
Workshop Question - How can your brand cater to the evolving values of each generation?
6 Featured, 52 Examples:
99,621 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jul 16 — Oct 17
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled Realistic Parenting Campaigns
Realistic Parenting Campaigns
The Parenting Unfiltered Ad Shows the Difficulties of Raising Kids
Last spring, Plum Organics released an ad called ‘Parenting Unfiltered’ that takes a more honest look at the lives of new moms and dads. While many ads for baby products show happy, put-... MORE
play_circle_filled Profanity-Laced Mother's Ads
Profanity-Laced Mother's Ads
Kraft's 'Swear Like a Mother' Ad Uses Humor to Celebrate Mother's Day
Kraft Mac & Cheese’s ‘Swear Like a Mother’ campaign seeks to satirize the role of being a mother, and the frustrations that can come along with it. The advertisement is... MORE
Humorous Lunchtime Notes
Humorous Lunchtime Notes
LOL Notes Can Be Placed in Children's Packed Lunches
Lunchtime LOL Notes is a unique set of cards that parents can use as a small pick-me-up for their children. The product comes with 180 individual cards (180 is the required number of school days... MORE
play_circle_filled Parental Sunscreen Ads
Parental Sunscreen Ads
This Commercial Puts an Innocent Spin on the Dreaded "Talk"
“The talk” is a dreaded conversation that most parents have with their children about practicing safe sex but this sunscreen ad puts a funny twist on the topic. The commercial... MORE
play_circle_filled Funny Branded Parenting Videos
Funny Branded Parenting Videos
WhatsUpMoms Teamed Up with Resolve for 'THE IN-LAWS ARE COMING!!!'
WhatsUpMoms, the popular parenting channel on YouTube, teamed up with Resolve to release an ad for the company’s carpet cleaner and stain remover. Called ‘THE IN-LAWS ARE COMING!!!,’... MORE
play_circle_filled Self-Parenting Insurance Ads
Self-Parenting Insurance Ads
Progressive's 'Parentamorphosis' Has Adults Turn into Their Parents
Progressive Insurance is releasing an all-new campaign called ‘Parentamorphosis’ that depicts various scenarios in which adults transform into their parents under the stress of major... MORE

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Flu Shot Gift Cards
Flu Shot Gift Cards
Publix Supermarket's Pharmacy is Giving $10 Gift Cards for Getting Vaccinated
Electronic Prescriptions Platforms
Electronic Prescriptions Platforms
EazyScripts Lets Doctors Submit Patients' Prescriptions Online
Streamlined Insurance Apps
Streamlined Insurance Apps
The Alan App Helps Health and Life Insurance Clients Make Speedy Claims
Multicolored Drawer Organizers
Multicolored Drawer Organizers
This Drawer Organizer is Well-Suited for Children's Rooms
Pencil-Fitted Sling Shots
Pencil-Fitted Sling Shots
The PenPOW Turns Any Pencil into a Slingshot
Back-to-School Charity Pop-Ups
Back-to-School Charity Pop-Ups
A Charity in Detroit Sought to Give Kids Back-to-School Clothes
Modernized Convertible Concepts
Modernized Convertible Concepts
The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet is an Old School EV
Scholarship Discovery Apps
Scholarship Discovery Apps
The Raiseme App Helps High Schoolers Find and Earn Scholarship Money
play_circle_filled Practicing Zero Tolerance
Practicing Zero Tolerance
Isabelle Mercier Explores Stress and Creativity in Her Talk on Worrying
play_circle_filled Overcoming Eating Disorders
Overcoming Eating Disorders
Catherine Pawley Explains the Need for Control in Her Talk on Anorexia
Soda-Flavored Milks
Soda-Flavored Milks
The Newest Limited-Edition Product from the Farmer's Cow is 'Root Beer Milk'
play_circle_filled Budgeting Student Wearables
Budgeting Student Wearables
The POSB Smart Buddy Programme Introduces Money Management to Kids
Sweet-and-Savory Snack Sets
Sweet-and-Savory Snack Sets
Sargento Foods' Newest Balanced Snacks Pair Protein with Sweets
Chocolate Bar Pouches
Chocolate Bar Pouches
Chokay's Chocolate Bar Package is an Alternative to Conventional Wrappers
Letterpress Block Candies
Letterpress Block Candies
BLOCD's Client Candy Gift Takes Cues from Its Own Typesetting
Happiness-Focused Fitness Ads
Happiness-Focused Fitness Ads
Blink Fitness Highlights Its Many Different Members in These Fun Ads
Hidden Emotional Abuse Ads
Hidden Emotional Abuse Ads
This Women's Aid Campaign Shows the Sinister Nature of Emotional Abuse
play_circle_filled Equality-Promoting Car Ads
Equality-Promoting Car Ads
This Audi Car Ad Targets Girls Who Want to Play with "Toys for Boys"
Comedic Mother's Day Ads
Comedic Mother's Day Ads
The Agency 'Mother New York' Put a Creative Spin on Mother's Day
play_circle_filled Cult Comedy-Referencing Ads
Cult Comedy-Referencing Ads
Burger King's 'Cheesy Tots' Ad References Napoleon Dynamite
play_circle_filled Suggestive Christmas Commercials
Suggestive Christmas Commercials
This PornHub Ad Promotes Its Adult Services to Lonely People
play_circle_filled Hot Sauce-Themed Restaurant Ads
Hot Sauce-Themed Restaurant Ads
The Fast Food Chain Wendy's is Hopping on the Sriracha Craze
play_circle_filled Heartwarming Language-Learning Ads
Heartwarming Language-Learning Ads
Allegro's 'English for Beginners' Ad Features a Christmas Gift
Sustainable Paper Accessories
Sustainable Paper Accessories
CulCreat's Unique Products Utilize Durable Washed Kraft Paper
Coffee Advent Calendars
Coffee Advent Calendars
Perkulatte's Unique Christmas Countdown Offers Daily Coffee Samples
Three-In-One Snack Packs
Three-In-One Snack Packs
Kraft's Portable Snack Packs Pair Cheese with Chocolate and More
Sun-Dried Tomato Condiments
Sun-Dried Tomato Condiments
The Kraft Heinz Company Has a New Ketchup Flavor for Summer
Ready-Made Gift Holders
Ready-Made Gift Holders
Saje's Reusable Bags and Boxes Help to 'Build Your Own Gift'
Origami Novel Furniture
Origami Novel Furniture
The BOOKFURNITURE is Designed To Flat-Pack To a Large, Slim Workbook
Regal Insurance Ads
Regal Insurance Ads
These Motorcycle Insurance Ads Show Flo from Progressive in a New Light
Infantile Olympics Ads
Infantile Olympics Ads
Nike's Commercial Shows the World's Most Celebrated Athletes as Babies
play_circle_filled Humorous Child Care Ads
Humorous Child Care Ads
This Ad Shows the First Time a Father is Left Alone to Care for His Baby
play_circle_filled Child Safety Car Commercials
Child Safety Car Commercials
This Car Ad Addresses the Anxieties That First Time Parents Feel
play_circle_filled Laser-Cutting 3D Printer
Laser-Cutting 3D Printer
This Desktop 3D Printer Offers Laser-Cutting and CNC Mill Functionality
Social Media Insurance Campaigns
Social Media Insurance Campaigns
'Progressive' Used Instagram to Market to Young Adults
play_circle_filled Celebrity-Branded Workouts
Celebrity-Branded Workouts
Serena Williams & Kevin Hart Team Up for a Nike App Workout
Uplifting Christmas Commercials
Uplifting Christmas Commercials
This 'Elverys' Sport Commercial Features a Celebrity Soccer Player
play_circle_filled Frantic Holiday Shopping Ads
Frantic Holiday Shopping Ads
Cabela's 'Santa's Helpers' Campaign Stared Two Reality Show Stars
Tear-Jerking Holiday Advertisements
Tear-Jerking Holiday Advertisements
Dick's Sporting Goods' Festive Ad Features a Real Family
play_circle_filled Limited-Edition Cookie Flavors
Limited-Edition Cookie Flavors
A New Nostalgic Chocolate Chip Oreo Flavor is Set for Release
play_circle_filled Enchanting Furniture Ads
Enchanting Furniture Ads
A Short Teaser Ad Shows the Dynamic Use of IKEA Material in a New Line
play_circle_filled Awkward Sneaker Commercials
Awkward Sneaker Commercials
Jonah Hill Pretends to Be an Awful Spokesperson in a Reebok Commercial
play_circle_filled Comparative Baby Food Ads
Comparative Baby Food Ads
This Gerber Baby Food Ad Makes Clear the Brand's Devotion to Its Craft
Photo-Based Insurance Apps
Photo-Based Insurance Apps
'Cover' Has Users Take Photos of the Items They Want Insured
play_circle_filled Discount Diaper Commercials
Discount Diaper Commercials
The New Huggies Baby Diapers Commercial Speaks to Hispanic Families
play_circle_filled Exploration Baby Ads
Exploration Baby Ads
This Airbnb Ad Features a Curious Baby That Encourages Cultural Travel
play_circle_filled Flatulating Baby Commercials
Flatulating Baby Commercials
This Ad Titled 'Pooface' Features Babies Making Silly Bathroom Faces
Future-Facing Car Conferences
Future-Facing Car Conferences
2015 Ford Trends Conference Tackles Tomorrow's Transportation Needs
play_circle_filled Demanding Baby Ads
Demanding Baby Ads
MTS' Wi-Fi Ad Has a Baby Refuse to Be Born into a House Without Internet
Driver Assessment Programs
Driver Assessment Programs
CES 2015 Announces GM OnStar Will Start Tracking How Well Drivers Drive
Newborn Safety Auto Commercials
Newborn Safety Auto Commercials
Safety is Paramount in the New the Volkswagen Jetta Commercial
play_circle_filled Insurance-Selling Cartoon Characters
Insurance-Selling Cartoon Characters
The Latest Progressive Ad Features Sonic the Hedgehog