Progressive's 'Parentamorphosis' Has Adults Turn into Their Parents

 - Oct 28, 2017
References: progressive & adweek
Progressive Insurance is releasing an all-new campaign called 'Parentamorphosis' that depicts various scenarios in which adults transform into their parents under the stress of major life milestones such as purchasing a car or moving into a new home.

One spot features a man slowly growing into the glasses chain and high-waisted pants of his mother, on top of taking on her mannerisms and phrases, including making sensible recommendations about covering one's assets with insurance packages from Progressive.

Although Parentamorphosis is a commercial from Progressive that does not features its ever-present salesperson Flo, who has appeared appearing in more than 100 of its commercials, Parentamorphosis is now being touted as Progressive's "most successful campaign to date not featuring Flo." As such, there are multiple ad spots released surrounding the Parentamorphosis theme.