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Comedic Seniority

The allure of relaxation prompts greater consumer acceptance of aging

Implications - With old age providing the allure of retirement and relaxation, consumers bombarded by responsibilities of work and home are becoming more receptive of the idea of aging. Moving away from the typically mundane references associated with seniors, marketers are presenting elderly citizens with more edge and humor, combining the attraction of maturity with the need to maintain one’s exuberance throughout life. The surge of elderly ads reflect a shift in consumer perspectives toward more positive views of aging.
9 Featured, 74 Examples:
433,382 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Apr 12 — Jan 15

Featured Examples

Divine Sunroof Ads
Divine Sunroof Ads
These Peugeot Sunroof Ads Play Out Miraculous Scenarious
These humorous ads promoting the Peugeot sunroof for certain car models highlight unlikely situations with beams of halo-like light coming from above. The ads communicate that “God is watching,&... MORE
play_circle_filled Extreme Zombie Grannies
Extreme Zombie Grannies
Hilarious Zonajobs Commercial Shows Tough Grandma Being Repeatedly Killed
Zonajobs, an organization that helps people looking for jobs, created a comical commercial that shows a granny repeatedly killed in extreme scenarios. Zonajobs humorously created this video that&#... MORE
Cranky Senior Campaigns
Cranky Senior Campaigns
The Taco Bell Crunchwrap Commercial is Hilariously Informative
The Taco Bell Crunchwrap commercial may focus on one of the latest breakfast offerings from the fast food franchise, yet there is much more going on underneath the hilariously informative dialogue.... MORE
play_circle_filled Guilt-Tripping Granny Ads
Guilt-Tripping Granny Ads
WWF's Granny Call Centre Ad Encourages People to Put on a Sweater
If you got a call from a granny call centre telling you to put on a sweater, how would you say no? That’s the frankly hilarious angle the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is taking in their campaign... MORE
Glamorized Granny Galore Commercials
Glamorized Granny Galore Commercials
Ethel's Brew Advertises Its Beer with Surprising Humor
This hilarious commercial by Ethel’s Brew shows a tale of how one man started to brew his own beer, which eventually leads to the life of a filthy rich, partying grandma. The commercial... MORE
play_circle_filled World-Exploring Furniture Commercials
World-Exploring Furniture Commercials
The 'Start Something New' IKEA Ad Tells an Inspiring Story
This IKEA ad tells an adorable story without words. The commercial is called ‘Start Something New’ and features an elderly man who follows the same routine every day. The man walks to... MORE
Precious Grandmother Macaroni Videos
Precious Grandmother Macaroni Videos
The KRAFT Mac & Cheese Frankie & Dottie Campaign is Precious
The best way to celebrate a 75th anniversary is to enjoy it with others that have enjoyed your presence for 75 years and that’s the secret behind this amazing ‘KRAFT Mac & Cheese Frankie &... MORE
play_circle_filled Elderly Lip-Synch Videos
Elderly Lip-Synch Videos
This Video Features Retirees Lip-Synching to Pharrell
If this video of retirees’ lip-synching Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ doesn’t put a smile on your face, then you have a cold, cold heart made of stone. A New Zealand retirement... MORE
play_circle_filled Elderly Pizza Marketing
Elderly Pizza Marketing
The Pizza Hut Old World Ad Travels to Italy to Determine Taste and Quality
This Pizza Hut Old World ad is both humorous and incredibly authentic. The marketing campaign is captured in Italy and features an elderly cast who give their two cents on the fast food brand’... MORE

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play_circle_filled Healthy Grocery Store Commercials
Healthy Grocery Store Commercials
Whole Foods Market Shows How 'Values Matter' in Campaign
play_circle_filled Mock Superbowl Ads
Mock Superbowl Ads
Newcastle's Ad Pokes Fun at Expensive Super Bowl Advertisements
play_circle_filled Viral Senior Drug Videos
Viral Senior Drug Videos
Watching Grandmas Smoking Weed is the Funniest Thing on the Internet
play_circle_filled Senior Communication Apps
Senior Communication Apps
BigHappyInbox's Technology for Seniors Simplifies Emails, Photos & News
Female-Empowering Senior Organizations
Female-Empowering Senior Organizations
The Red Hat Society Reshapes the Way One Looks at Women
play_circle_filled Senior Music Videos
Senior Music Videos
The Waverley Mansion Encourages Activity and Education Through Music Videos
Compressed Air Eco Cars
Compressed Air Eco Cars
Peugeot Hybrid Air Gets Rid of Expensive Batteries to Power Petrol Engine
Appliance-Monitoring Systems
Appliance-Monitoring Systems
The Smart Power Adaptor Notifies Relatives of Seniors' Routines
Seniors' Produce Programs
Seniors' Produce Programs
The Farm to Senior Program Provides Seniors With Fresh Produce
Elderly-Educating Tech Programs
Elderly-Educating Tech Programs
Non Profit Organizations Urge Seniors to Learn About Social Media
Golden-Age Social Networking
Golden-Age Social Networking
The Stitch Service for Senior Citizens Helps Connect Older Folk
play_circle_filled Social Media Auto Races
Social Media Auto Races
The Peugeot RCZ R Challenges Twitter Users in a Race from 0 to 140
Singing Senior Ads
Singing Senior Ads
This Vodafone Red 4g Commercial Celebrates Discovering New Music at Any Age
play_circle_filled Age Group-Connecting Ads
Age Group-Connecting Ads
A Speaking Exchange Brings English-Learning Teens and US Seniors Together
play_circle_filled Muscular Rally Vehicles
Muscular Rally Vehicles
The Hulking Peugeot 2008 DKR Was Built for the Treacherous Dakar Rally
Shark Skin Sedan Concepts
Shark Skin Sedan Concepts
The Peugeot EXALT Uses a Mysterious Red Material Dubbed 'Shark Skin'
play_circle_filled Earth-Saving Soccer Campaigns
Earth-Saving Soccer Campaigns
For Each Soccer Ball Kissed, Kick It to Brazil Will Donate a Tree
play_circle_filled Graceful Ageing Ads
Graceful Ageing Ads
Time Flies by Age UK Celebrates Getting Old
Gangster Grandparent Photography
Gangster Grandparent Photography
Dai Lyn Powers Photographs Senior Citizens in Rebel Teen Outfits
Selfie-Taking Seniors
Selfie-Taking Seniors
This 'Instagram-Pa' is Sharing his Vintage Photos Online
play_circle_filled Interactive Furniture Lookbooks
Interactive Furniture Lookbooks
The Ikea 2014 Catalogue Lets You Digitally Interact With Furniture
Cord-Opening Seating
Cord-Opening Seating
The Pull Stool by Benjamin Kicic is an Easily Assembled Flat-Pack Design
play_circle_filled Augmented Reality Catalogues
Augmented Reality Catalogues
The 2014 IKEA Catalogue and App Virtually Display Decor
Stylish Inflatable Furniture (UPDATE)
Stylish Inflatable Furniture (UPDATE)
The 'Blofield Air Design' Line Has Expanded its Creations
Creative Cabinet Customizations
Creative Cabinet Customizations
Superfront Provides Solutions for Updating IKEA Furniture Decor
play_circle_filled Enhanced Everyman Motorbikes
Enhanced Everyman Motorbikes
The Peugeot Scooter 2++ Attracts a New Demographic of Drivers
Compact Pop-Up Suites
Compact Pop-Up Suites
Hotello is a Full Bedroom or Office That Packs Away in an Armoire
Student-Sourced Electric Racers
Student-Sourced Electric Racers
The Sbarro React'EV is Designed to Compete
Granny-Modeled Sunglasses
Granny-Modeled Sunglasses
The Karen Walker Eyewear Summer 2013 Lookbook is Fit for All Ages
Minimalist Origami Lights
Minimalist Origami Lights
This Origami Lamp Can be Assembled in Under Five Minutes
Dancing Senior Photography
Dancing Senior Photography
Ana Galan Features Images of Elderly Couples Dancing Across the Globe
Forgetful Granny Ads
Forgetful Granny Ads
The Alzheimer Association Turkey Campaign Provides an Important Warning
Cinched Storage Systems
Cinched Storage Systems
Boxer by Julian Appelius Sections Off Spaces Horizontally by Indentations
Ply-Wood Christmas Trees
Ply-Wood Christmas Trees
The OneTwoTree is Made of Stacked Slats of Wood
play_circle_filled Polictical Swearing Seniors
Polictical Swearing Seniors
Michael Moore's Message from the Greatest Generation is Hysterical
Elderly Hooligan Photoshoots
Elderly Hooligan Photoshoots
Lee Towndrow's 'Anachronisms No. 1' Takes Seniors Back in Time
Metallic Luxury Vehicles
Metallic Luxury Vehicles
The Peugeot Onyx Supercar Concept is the Future of Sports Cars
Wicked Granny Weaponry Photography
Wicked Granny Weaponry Photography
Lincoln Clarkes Captures Women & Their Guns in Texas
play_circle_filled Cheeky Bear Hair Commercials
Cheeky Bear Hair Commercials
AXE Hair Partners With Makers of 'Ted' in a Bold New Ad
play_circle_filled Satirical iPad Commercials
Satirical iPad Commercials
iBuddy Hilariously Promotes Steve Young Football App
play_circle_filled Facebook Granny Car Contests
Facebook Granny Car Contests
Grandma Hilda Grants Winner Her Buggy if They Can Find Lost Keys
Simple Straightforward Commercials
Simple Straightforward Commercials
The Do It All iPad ad Focuses on One of the Tablet's Features
Embarassing Father Campaigns
Embarassing Father Campaigns
The ‘Dads in Briefs’ Commercial by BGH is Hilarious
play_circle_filled Hilarious Hyperbolic Reels
Hilarious Hyperbolic Reels
The Mio ‘Squirt Some’ Commercial Advertises Its Product wit
play_circle_filled Lifetime Photo Flash Commercials
Lifetime Photo Flash Commercials
‘From Love to Bingo’ Shows a Lifespan in 873 Images
Searching Senior Ads
Searching Senior Ads
The Hotwheel Vintage Collection Campaign is Adorably Nostalgic
play_circle_filled Psychological Torment Commercials
Psychological Torment Commercials
The 'Criminal Minds' Promo by Plenty is Dark and Intriguing
play_circle_filled Customer Appreciation Songs
Customer Appreciation Songs
Kraft Mac & Cheese Thanks Facebook Fans With 'Likeapella'
play_circle_filled Nude House Chore Commercials
Nude House Chore Commercials
The Vigor Plant Reel Shows How Plant Life is the Way to Go
play_circle_filled Apocalyptic Vacuum Commercials
Apocalyptic Vacuum Commercials
This Sehsucht Berlin Production is Gripping
play_circle_filled Aroused Senior PSAs
Aroused Senior PSAs
'Safe Sex for Seniors' Aims to Stop the Spread of STDs
play_circle_filled Witty Wildlife Commercials
Witty Wildlife Commercials
Slash and Betty White for the LA Zoo Promo is Goofy and Fun
play_circle_filled Booze-Filled Getaway Commercials
Booze-Filled Getaway Commercials
'XXXX Beer and Mates Paradise' Campaign is an Interactive Contest
44 Cinematic Commercial Ads
44 Cinematic Commercial Ads
From the Trial of the Three Little Pigs to James Bond-Inspired Driving
play_circle_filled Crafty Cooking Commercials
Crafty Cooking Commercials
The Atria Dinner Ad Proves it's Easy to Make Food
play_circle_filled Side-Splitting Shaving Commercials
Side-Splitting Shaving Commercials Takes the Old Spice Model and Destroys It
play_circle_filled Terrifying Teleportation Commercials
Terrifying Teleportation Commercials
The 'IT'S A SNAP!' Commercial Turns into Dark Humor Fast
play_circle_filled Elderly Hipster Videos
Elderly Hipster Videos
Future Hipsters is a Look Back from the Year 2062
Granny-Fighting Toothpaste Ads
Granny-Fighting Toothpaste Ads
The Aquafresh Milk Teeth Campaign Targets Children's Sweet Tooth
play_circle_filled Elderly Innuendo Advertisements
Elderly Innuendo Advertisements
The Crosby's 'Bake it Like Grandma' Campaign Serves Up Shock
Cultured Granny Fashion
Cultured Granny Fashion
The Anthropologie November 2011 Catalog is Warm and Bold
Gritty Granny Galleries
Gritty Granny Galleries
The Kate Kosushkina by Tom Hines is a Refinery29 Exclusive Shoot
Oversized Spectacles Advertising
Oversized Spectacles Advertising
This Fidelity 401K Plan Campaign Shows You a Big Future
Retro Race-Ready Motorcycles
Retro Race-Ready Motorcycles
Madella Simone Updates the Classic Peugeot 515 for the 21st Century
Cheesy Creamy Candles
Cheesy Creamy Candles
Kokocandles Creates a DYI Mac and Cheese Candle
play_circle_filled Geriatric Lip-Synchs
Geriatric Lip-Synchs
World's First-Ever Senior Citizen LipDub at the Clark Retirement Commun
Senior Celeb Prank Calls
Senior Celeb Prank Calls
Betty White AARP Ad Urges the Elderly to Live Life to the Fullest
play_circle_filled Ripped Recipes
Ripped Recipes
Hannah Hart's 'My Drunk Kitchen' is Part YouTube Channel Part Party
Abstract Spaghetti Branding
Abstract Spaghetti Branding
iPates Pasta Packaging Appeals to the Young and Hungry
Community-Knit Chairs
Community-Knit Chairs
Granny Boomers Create 'La chaise Granny' for Milan Design Week
Toddler Time-Out Ads
Toddler Time-Out Ads
Cynical Kids Unite in Kraft Mac & Cheese Dinner Time Commercials
Southern Comfort Restaurants
Southern Comfort Restaurants
The Park Slope Chip Shop Will Deep-Fry Anything You Want
Outsourcing Holiday Feasts
Outsourcing Holiday Feasts
Order Thanksgiving Dinner Online
Edible Masterpieces
Edible Masterpieces
The Mona Lasagne