The KRAFT Mac & Cheese Frankie & Dottie Campaign is Precious

 - Apr 23, 2012
References: facebook & adverblog
The best way to celebrate a 75th anniversary is to enjoy it with others that have enjoyed your presence for 75 years and that’s the secret behind this amazing ‘KRAFT Mac & Cheese Frankie & Dottie’ campaign.

Frankie & Dottie are two precious senior women who have been eating KRAFT for over 75 years and to commemorate their love for the brand, the company has handed over its Facebook and Twitter priorities to them. The best part is that neither of the ladies has heard of Twitter or YouTube in the past and they decided not to get into Facebook because "everyone just writes about their doctor’s visits." I’m telling you I’d follow the podcasts from these two awesome grannies even if they were not part of the campaign. Their lighthearted voices and diverting topics of conversation will have you chuckling merrily the entire way through. Kudos to KRAFT for a definite KRAFT-y idea.