The Vigor Plant Reel Shows How Plant Life is the Way to Go

 - Apr 30, 2012
References: & adverblog
If you really think about it, sometimes people make their own lives complicated but in this commercial, Vigor Plant shows how life can be less complicated -- much like a plant that bathes in the sun and looks pretty.

This Vigor Plant commercial entitled 'Life of a Plant' comically shows how simple it can be to take care of plants. It humorously depicts a rather large nude man enjoying his day while doing everyday tasks such as watering the plants, exercising and eating.

With the perfect laid-back sound track looping in the background, the video gives off a care-free hippie lifestyle where a day goes by without knowing the time or an agenda. Directed by Jonathan Gurvit, this commercial is such a humorous kick for the promotion of Vigor Plant products. Only in the end do viewers notice all the strategically placed plants have more meaning.