Hotello is a Full Bedroom or Office That Packs Away in an Armoire

 - Mar 22, 2013
References: conceptualdevices & swiss-miss
Save yourself a trip to IKEA and carload after carload of moving boxes and built furniture, for the Hotello concept provides the basic elements of a room, all stowed away conveniently behind the doors of a mobile closet.

Antonio Scarponi and Roberto de Luca's vertical wheeled trunk contains a disassembled metal structure that can be constructed to form the cubic limits of the 2-meter-squared space. It comes with a transparent and a sound-absorbent curtain that work effectively as lightweight walls. A work surface, a daybed, cushions and a lamp come out of the red cupboard as well. Once emptied, this compartment makes an ideal cabinet for storing your possessions.

The designers developed the Das Konzept Hotello as a clever furnishing solution for converted warehouses and factories that will become livable lofts and workspaces.