Dai Lyn Powers Photographs Senior Citizens in Rebel Teen Outfits

 - Nov 20, 2013
References: sneakhype & hiconsumption
Photographer Dai Lyn Powers shows viewers that he has a sense of humor by photographing senior citizens dressed up as rebellious teens. These shots are priceless. The aged models in this series sport big chains around their necks, sunglasses, beanies and jean jackets. These gangster grandparents are guaranteed to hold the viewers attention.

This hilarious series is great because it highlights how ridiculous teen fashion can be. These swinging seniors are seen playing with their cellphones, wearing hats covered in pot leaves and making peace signs.

This series will make viewers look at their grandparents in a whole new light. Powers uses these pictures to prove that people never really need to grow up. You're as young as you feel, and these hip grandparents clearly don't feel a day over sixteen.