The Farm to Senior Program Provides Seniors With Fresh Produce

The Farm to Senior program is a partnership, launched in Franklin County, that aims to provide senior citizens with fresh produce. The organizers of the program are teaming up with the Franklin County Office for the Aging, Association of Senior Citizens and Glazier's Food Service to provide the county's eight senior citizen centers with fresh, locally grown produce.

The agency provides a wide variety of fresh produce such as corn, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, egg plant, beans, peas, beets, melons, peppers and cucumbers.

The dietitian for the county's Office for the Aging orders vegetables based on the agency's nutritional requirement stipulations for residents of senior centers.

The program already feeds as many as 20,000 people through a roster of 40 regional food pantries. The vegetable program in particular has been expanding at a rapid rate.