From the Trial of the Three Little Pigs to James Bond-Inspired Driving

 - Mar 12, 2012
Growing tired of the "hard-sell" methods from advertising ventures of the past, the consumer is looking for a new form of sales tactic to pique their interest and many marketers are using cinematic commercial advertisements to do so.

Instead of continuously blasting the product name, and its attributes, in the face of the viewer these new advertisements take a page out of the books of filmmakers and offer a commercial that focuses on the overall viewing experience instead of force-feeding the product down the consumer’s throat. These cinematic commercial advertisements feature vivid imagery, interesting story-lines and sometimes do not mention the product name until the absolute end of the commercial.

The appeal of this type of marketing is the cultural connection it generates between the seller and the buyer and the way that it subtly demonstrates how the product can fit into, and improve, a certain lifestyle.  They are also entertaining to watch and eliminate the likelihood that the viewer will simply zone out.

Anything from insinuating that Batman may drive the car being advertised or using the mock trial of the Three Little Pigs to promote newspapers encourages viewers to turn up the volume during commercials -- rather than hitting mute.