The Diesel Island Constitution Musical Ad is Full of Tomfoolery

 - Aug 6, 2011
References: diesel & brandflakesforbreakfast
If you thought you'd seen it all when it comes to denim fashion commercials, the Diesel Island Constitution Musical ad will have you eating your words. The sing-along vid is part of the new Diesel 'Get Stupid' campaign that promotes, well, stupidity, arguing that every great invention was, at one point, just a silly idea.

The musical ad is just under 2 minutes and showcases the Diesel line as hot and hip models gallivant around the imaginary island singing the brand's constitution. Laws of the Diesel Island include philosophical food for thought such as, "Troublemakers shouldn't be sent to jail but to art school," and, "We will ask not why, but why not."

The Diesel Island Constitution Musical takes inventive advertising to a whole new level, showcasing both the brand's stylish new designs as well as the innovative ideas of its creators. The video is definitely worth checking out, for a laugh, fashion inspiration and lifestyle tips.