The Isabel Marant Commercial Film Focuses on Luxurious Living

 - Mar 7, 2012
References: vimeo & refinery29
The Isabel Marant commercial film is sun-soaked, whimsical, and a completely unrealistic view of average day-to-day life. The designer employed Cyrille de Vignemont to direct the brand's first 45-second video advertisement, as well as enlisting Mohini Geisweiller to score its original musical accompaniment.

The film shows a young woman waking up in her minimalist, but extravagant, loft apartment. She opens her eyes to a ray of sunshine beaming in while looking more well-rested than Sleeping Beauty.

A sundial documents the time passed during her morning ritual and until she walks down her stairs to peer outside, the only clothing shown is a pair of Isabel Marant shorts. She eventually pulls a wool sweater over her head, but not before the camera catches a split-second of her bare chest.

The Isabel Marant commercial film is a cinematic experience that focuses more on lifestyle and making a cultural connection than hard-selling the clothing. As far as advertising campaigns go, this one is worth watching.