WWF's Granny Call Centre Ad Encourages People to Put on a Sweater

 - Feb 13, 2013
References: youtube & adverblog
If you got a call from a granny call centre telling you to put on a sweater, how would you say no?

That's the frankly hilarious angle the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is taking in their campaign to get Canadians to lower their thermostats for National Sweater Day. Instead, the campaign has grannies calling people up telling them to put on that nice sweater they made instead of keeping the heat up. According to the WWF, if all Canadians lowered their thermostats by two degrees, it would save four megatons of green house gas emissions.

There's nothing like a guilt trip from a granny call centre to not only get a sweater on your shoulders, but also to do some good for the environment. You go grannies!