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Biculture Branding

Brands launch campaigns that illuminate the bilingual space in the US

Implications - As brands become more conscious of what academics call the "Latino media gap," many are emerging with bilingual campaigns that provide a more accurate representation of the multicultural makeup of the American population. Given that bicultural Americans are often living between the world of their roots and their modern home, such Spanish-speaking campaigns that illuminate the experience of the US bicultural space serve to provide the population with accessible and honest representation.
Workshop Question - How can you represent your consumer market as a community to enhance emotional connection?
8 Featured, 54 Examples:
106,599 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jul 15 — May 17

Featured Examples

Bilingual Cereal Commercials
Bilingual Cereal Commercials
This Cheerios Commercial is in Spanish with English Subtitles
This emotional Cheerios commercial is a heartfelt window into multicultural society from the General Mills brand. Considered a campaign that touches on the “new Latino” demographic, the... MORE
Celebratory Spanish Language Commercials
Celebratory Spanish Language Commercials
This Commercial Features Untranslatable Spanish Phrases
This past spring, Target lunched a unique ad campaign that involved using untranslatable Spanish phrases to connect with Hispanic consumers. Many Hispanic consumers, particularly Millennials,... MORE
play_circle_filled Bilingual Christmas Campaigns
Bilingual Christmas Campaigns
Target Created a Spanish Version for Each of Its 2016 Holiday Ads
This past holiday season, Target launched a bilingual Christmas campaign, which included Spanish language versions of each of its 16 ads. However, instead of hiring a different actor for the Spanish... MORE
play_circle_filled Boxing Bicultural Beer Ads
Boxing Bicultural Beer Ads
This Macho Ad is the First Tecate National Campaign in the US
This brooding new commercial for Mexican lager Tecate Light marks the beginning of the brand’s first national campaign in the United States. Brewed by Mexican Heineken subsidiary Cuauhtémoc... MORE
play_circle_filled Latin Rental Car Commercials
Latin Rental Car Commercials
The Enterprise Rent-A-Car Spanish Commercial is Tagline-Focused
The Enterprise Rent-A-Car company has the tagline “We’ll Pick You Up,” and now that same though has been translated for a Spanish commercial from the brand. Focusing on the tagline &... MORE
play_circle_filled Influencer-Crafted Shampoo Ads
Influencer-Crafted Shampoo Ads
Dove Partnered with Blogger Karen Monserrat for Its Dermacare Line
In order to tap into the Hispanic market for its new Dermacare Scalp line line, Dove teamed up with beauty blogger Karen Monserrat. Of Mexican heritage and based in San Diego, Monserrat helped the... MORE
play_circle_filled Bicultural Road Trip Ads
Bicultural Road Trip Ads
This Fast-Paced Goodyear Commercial Follows One Man Through 53 Cities
This inspiring bilingual Goodyear commercial follows one man’s journey across countless countries to live his dream of playing piano in as many places and for as many people as possible.... MORE
play_circle_filled Cultural First Job Ads
Cultural First Job Ads
The McDonald's 'First Customer' Fast Food Commercial is Hispanic-Focused
In an effort to connect more closely with it’s customers, the McDonald’s ‘First Customer’ fast food commercial highlights an important milestone in a teenager’s life.... MORE

Related Examples

play_circle_filled Immigration Tribute Ads
Immigration Tribute Ads
The Bazta Arpaio Ad Invoked an Ad from the 60s to Make a Political Point
play_circle_filled Friendship-Celebrating Beer Ads
Friendship-Celebrating Beer Ads
Bud Light's 'Family Friends' Ad Celebrates Hispanic Friendships
Latina Motherhood Blogs
Latina Motherhood Blogs
The 'Very Busy Mamá' Blog Features Content on Style, Beauty and Motherhood
play_circle_filled Youth-Centric Auto Ads
Youth-Centric Auto Ads
Ford Mexico's Ford Figo Ad Takes Viewers on a Journey to Outer Space
play_circle_filled Multicultural Retail Commercials
Multicultural Retail Commercials
Target's 'Lúcete A Tu' Manera Campaign Targets Hispanic Consumers
play_circle_filled Chic Craft Channels
Chic Craft Channels
The Crafty Chica Online Channel Targets Hispanics
Latino Lifestyle Podcasts
Latino Lifestyle Podcasts
The Little Radio Show Features Two Renowned Latino Digital Influencers
Latina Blogger Partnerships
Latina Blogger Partnerships
This Network Helps Latina Influencers Maximize Their Influence
Curly-Haired Latina Vloggers
Curly-Haired Latina Vloggers
The RisasRizos Blog Caters to Curly-Haired Latinas
Spanish-Language Beauty Vlogs
Spanish-Language Beauty Vlogs
This Latina Beauty Blogger Post Videos in Both English and Spanish
Spirited Mezcal Bottles
Spirited Mezcal Bottles
This Mezcal Bottle Design Celebrates the Vibrant Culture of Mexico
Hispanic Beverage Clubs
Hispanic Beverage Clubs
Nuestro Natural's Consumer Club Provides Inexpensive Natural Beverages
Co-Branded Beverage Ads
Co-Branded Beverage Ads
This Casa Noble Tequila Ad Features Also Promotes Corona Beer
play_circle_filled Hispanic Actress Cosmetic Ads
Hispanic Actress Cosmetic Ads
The L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Firming Cream Ad Features Eva Longoria
play_circle_filled Fun-Encouraging Beer Ads
Fun-Encouraging Beer Ads
The El Bud Light Party 'Estamos Unidos' Super Bowl Spot is Lighthearted
Hispanic Beauty Campaigns
Hispanic Beauty Campaigns
Unilever's #100PorCientoTu Personal Care Marketing Celebrates Expression
Thermal Energy-Trapping Buildings
Thermal Energy-Trapping Buildings
The Rocky Mountain Institute's Building is Aptly Eco-Friendly
Multi-Tasking Driving Ads
Multi-Tasking Driving Ads
This Holiday Autos Ad Features Five Inventions for Travelers
play_circle_filled Celeb Gloss Music Videos
Celeb Gloss Music Videos
Kylie Jenner Premiered a Music Video to Announce Her New Nude Lip Glosses
play_circle_filled 3D Taco Videos
3D Taco Videos
People Can Watch Danny Trejo Eat Tacos in 3D, 360 Degree Video From Home Now
play_circle_filled Gluten-Free Bakery Stunts
Gluten-Free Bakery Stunts
Loblaws Debuted Its Gluten-Free Range at a "Fake" Bakery in Montreal
play_circle_filled Inclusive Male Underwear Campaigns
Inclusive Male Underwear Campaigns
The #AerieMan Campaign Takes on the Issues of Male Self Image
play_circle_filled Humorous Health Insurance Ads
Humorous Health Insurance Ads
United Healthcare's 'Our Song' Ad Depicts a Romantic Day Gone Wrong
play_circle_filled Comforting Insurance Commercials
Comforting Insurance Commercials
AAA's Auto Insurance Ad Reveals How It Improves Overall Life
Latina Fitness Apps
Latina Fitness Apps
Latina Fit Shares Daily Exercise Routines and Tracks Caloric Intake
Festive Fast Food Illustrations
Festive Fast Food Illustrations
McDonald's Organzied a Creative Instagram Feed for Christmas
Revamped Fast Food Packaging
Revamped Fast Food Packaging
The New McDonald's Packaging Will Be Launched in 2016
Upscale Fast Food Restaurants
Upscale Fast Food Restaurants
This McDonald's Modern Restaurant Design in Hong Kong is Futuristic
Fast Food Macaroni Meals
Fast Food Macaroni Meals
This Fast Food Chain Now Offers a Mac and Cheese Option for Kids
play_circle_filled Comforting Christmas Commercials
Comforting Christmas Commercials
This McDonald's Holiday Ad Shows Us the Importance of a Hug
play_circle_filled French Fry Short Films
French Fry Short Films
McDonald's Introduced Its New Loaded Fries Through 'Fryflix' Ads
Doubled Dollar Menu Promotions
Doubled Dollar Menu Promotions
McDonald's Replaces its Dollar Menu with Two Meals in McPick 2
play_circle_filled Spanish Fast Food Desserts
Spanish Fast Food Desserts
The McDonald's Menu in South Korea is Adding Sweet Spanish Churros
Temporal Menu Recommendations
Temporal Menu Recommendations
McDonald's New Menus Suggests Items Based Off of Current Weather
Latina Popstar Makeup Campaigns
Latina Popstar Makeup Campaigns
This YouTube Star is One of the Newest Faces of 'Covergirl'
Latina Blogger Clothing Collaborations
Latina Blogger Clothing Collaborations
This Blogger Teamed Up with 'Aéropostale' for a New Line
play_circle_filled Playful Child Athlete Campaigns
Playful Child Athlete Campaigns
This Ad for Goya Canned Beans is Heartwarming and Funny
Emotive Hispanic Campaigns
Emotive Hispanic Campaigns
This Heartwarming Kraft Singles Ad Tells the Story of Two Young Girls
play_circle_filled Silly Endorsement Ads
Silly Endorsement Ads
This Hispanic Crest Commercial Pokes Fun at Profession-Based Promos
play_circle_filled Bacon-Themed Film Festival Ads
Bacon-Themed Film Festival Ads
This Ad for the Chicago Latino Film Festival Has Bacon Subtitles
play_circle_filled Emotional Caregiver PSAs
Emotional Caregiver PSAs
This AARP Ad Demonstrates How Quickly Children Can Become the Caregiver
play_circle_filled Spanish Fast Food Ads
Spanish Fast Food Ads
This Clever McDonald's Commercial Features the Latin Hit Song 'Gloria'
play_circle_filled Hispanic-Targeting Mobile Ads
Hispanic-Targeting Mobile Ads
This Sprint Ad Features the Company's Spanish-Speaking CEO
Latino-Centric Car Campaigns
Latino-Centric Car Campaigns
The 'My Mitsubishi' Campaign Encourages Individuality Among Hispanics
Familial Fast Food Ads
Familial Fast Food Ads
The KFC 'Together' Campaign Highlights Family Dinner Traditions
play_circle_filled Untranslatable Spanish Ads
Untranslatable Spanish Ads
Target's 'Sin Traduccion' Ad Highlights Uniquely Spanish Moments
play_circle_filled Bachata Fast Food Ads
Bachata Fast Food Ads
This McDonald's Ad Attempts to Lure Hispanic Customers
Cook-Encouraging Campaigns
Cook-Encouraging Campaigns
Nestle La Lechera and Pati Jinich Inspire Latina Moms to Create Recipes
Cultural Chain Store Marketing
Cultural Chain Store Marketing
Wal-Mart Draws in the Hispanic Market with Univision Communications
Eye-Opening Spanglish Commercials
Eye-Opening Spanglish Commercials
The AT&T Mobile Movement Campaign Targets Young Latinos
Celebrated Latino Collaborations
Celebrated Latino Collaborations
High-Profile Names Lend Authenticity to Hispanic Marketing
Latino Automotive Marketing
Latino Automotive Marketing
The Toyota Total Strategy Amps Up Marketing to Hispanics
Hispanic Fast Food Campaigns
Hispanic Fast Food Campaigns
The McDonald's Jalapeno Double Ad Understands the Target Market
play_circle_filled Targeted Webisode Ads
Targeted Webisode Ads
The Kmart Spanish Web Series Appeals to a Hispanic Consumer Base