People Can Watch Danny Trejo Eat Tacos in 3D, 360 Degree Video From Home Now

 - Mar 31, 2016
References: & fastcocreate
If you have ever wanted to watch Danny Trejo eat tacos in 3D video, now you can. The actor known for Heat and Con Air can be seen eating tacos in 3D 360 degree virtual reality. Filmed by InFilm 360 by Simon Miya and Dennis Burrell, the video is a high-tech commercial for the actor's new LA-based, all-vegan taqueria Trejo's Tacos.

While the somewhat absurd 3 minute clip might seem stupid to some, Danny Trejo eating tacos indicates how far virtual reality has come. Many continue to speculate on the future of VR and how it will disrupt different industries. As Fast Company's Dan Soloman puts it, "the fact that any rando can, from the comfort of their own living room, virtually sit across from Danny Trejo as he chows down on a couple of tacos, is the promise of that once-distant future finally fulfilled."