Latina Fit Shares Daily Exercise Routines and Tracks Caloric Intake

 - Jan 23, 2016
Latina Fit is a Millennial-focused fitness app that guarantees results with a series of short and effective workouts. Targeting a Hispanic audience, this mobile platform shares exercise routines and shows users how to get in shape with 10 simple and powerful moves.

In addition to its workout library and caloric intake tracker, Latina Fit also lets users customize their exercise routine to fit their skill level or mood. This means that mobile users can participate in a moderate workout or up their intensity when they feel ready to do so.

Appealing to health-focused Millennials with a busy schedule, this fitness app even documents one's diet and sets up rewards as incentive to those looking to stay motivated. Working as a digital trainer and fitness tracker, the platform is conveniently accessed while saving users the cost of a gym membership.