From Snowy Yoga Classes to Luxe Boutique Boxing Gyms

 - Feb 28, 2016
The top February 2016 sports trends speak to patterns kicked off by the health and wellness movement, as well as highlighting a number of promotional campaigns related to professional sports.

The Burrow is an ultra-luxurious boutique boxing gym located in Kuwait that is a winning example of the current obsession with hyper-specific, amenity-focused fitness concepts emerging in major cities all over the globe.

Separately, a recent Citroen event provided fans outside of Arsenal Football Club's Emirates Stadium with a unique experiential event. In order to promote the auto brand's new Airbump technology, the event featured an over-sized billiards table that featured multi-colored soccer balls as the pool table equipment. The interior panels of the billiards table featured the Airbump technology, while a vehicle model was also present for fans to check out.