The 'Kuai' Coaching Headphones Were Debuted at CES 2016

 - Jan 6, 2016
References: kuaiwear
'Kuaiwear' has just debuted a pair of biometric earbuds called 'Kuai' at CES 2016. For many consumers, wearable tech is key to achieving their fitness goals. These headphones provide a revolutionary new way to translate fitness data into feedback that can be implemented in real time.

'Kuai' is a set of headphones that tracks biometric data through the wearer's ear. Similar to other fitness wearables, Kuai includes an accelerometer and heart rate sensor. The information gathered by these sensors is then translated into instantaneous feedback that comes in the form of live voice coaching from real Olympic athletes. As a result, users can adapt their workouts in real time in order to reach their fitness goals quicker and more efficiently.

Unlike other fitness wearables, Kuai gives users a way of translating biometric data into instantaneous feedback.