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Viral Spoofvertising

Adopting self-awareness, brands speak frankly to consumers through witty ads

Implications - Consumers are constantly spoofing preachy or over-the-top advertisements, but the tables are turning as brands adopt a new-found sense of humor to join in the conversation by creating advertisements that are self-mocking in nature. This tongue-in-cheek tactic is creating a much more approachable image for brands as it acknowledges consumers directly for an enhanced, hip aesthetic. First made popular by brands like Old Spice, the "they know that we know" advertising approach is expanding past perceived boundaries with brands that lack a personable connection to Gen X and Y.
6 Featured, 53 Examples:
189,232 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Feb 14 — Feb 16

Featured Examples

Sophisticated Water Filter Ads
Sophisticated Water Filter Ads
This Ad for Pfister Water Filters Uses Punny Scientific Lingo
This humorous ad for Pfister was created to promote the brand’s new water filtration system. The ad uses a authoritative voice-over to describe the filtration system. However, the terminology... MORE
play_circle_filled Monotone Yogurt Ads
Monotone Yogurt Ads
This Humorous Ad Promotes Yoplait Using the Satire of Dominic Purcell
Yoplait and Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore. created this satire-inspired commercial to promote the deliciously satisfying yogurt snacks. The commercial features tough guy Dominic Purcell seated in... MORE
play_circle_filled Animated Commercial Spoofs
Animated Commercial Spoofs
This Wix Super Bowl Ad Pays Tribute to Previous Big Game Commercials
In order to promote its website development platform, this year’s Wix Super Bowl ad gets a bit of help from the cast of Kung Fu Panda and some previous Big Game ads. To coincide with the... MORE
play_circle_filled Kid-Directed Holiday Spoofs
Kid-Directed Holiday Spoofs
This Commercial Parody Made by Children Recreates a John Lewis Ad
This year’s Christmas ad from retailer John Lewis is a heartening tale about ‘The Man on the Moon’—cleverly, MyVoucherCodes created a “discount” commercial parody to... MORE
play_circle_filled Satirical Supermarket Commercials
Satirical Supermarket Commercials
This Parody Ad for 'Way North Foods' Pokes Fun at Nunavut Prices
These campy ads for a faux grocery store called ‘Way North Foods’ attempt to raise awareness about the food insecurity crisis in Nunavut—cleverly going for the funny bone instead... MORE
play_circle_filled Punny Furniture Ads
Punny Furniture Ads
IKEA Malaysia Promotes Its Upcoming Sale with Various IKEA Puns
A viral video of a man who annoys his wife with a series of IKEA puns seems to be the inspiration behind this IKEA Malaysia ad. The original video follows a man on a trip to IKEA who uses whatever... MORE

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play_circle_filled Two-Sided Fitness Ads
Two-Sided Fitness Ads
This Fitbit Super Bowl Ad Shows the Benefits of Being Fit Beyond the Gym
play_circle_filled User-Generated Camera Ads
User-Generated Camera Ads
This GoPro Super Bowl Ad Features Real Heart-Pumping Activities
play_circle_filled Digital Currency Commercials
Digital Currency Commercials
This Paypal Super Bowl Commercial Introduces the Future of Money
play_circle_filled Robotic Razor Ads
Robotic Razor Ads
This Schick Super Bowl Commercial Turns Razors into Battling Machines
play_circle_filled Transformative Candy Ads
Transformative Candy Ads
This Snickers Super Bowl Reminds 'You're Not You When You're Hungry'
play_circle_filled Candy Portraiture Commercials
Candy Portraiture Commercials
This Skittles Super Bowl Ad Features the Legendary Steven Tyler
play_circle_filled Stampeding Beer Ads
Stampeding Beer Ads
This Super Bowl Budweiser Commercial Brings Back the Iconic Clydesdales
play_circle_filled Outrageous Chip Ads
Outrageous Chip Ads
The Doritos Super Bowl Commercial is Both Shocking and Humorous
play_circle_filled Star-Studded Digital Assistant Ads
Star-Studded Digital Assistant Ads
The Amazon Echo Super Bowl Ad Features Celebrity Endorsements
play_circle_filled Lunar Christmas Commercials
Lunar Christmas Commercials
John Lewis' 'Man on the Moon' Ad Shares the Spirit of Giving
Kid-Designed Stuffed Toys
Kid-Designed Stuffed Toys
IKEA Will Raise Money for Charity by Selling Plush Toys Designed by Kids
play_circle_filled Imaginative Play Apps
Imaginative Play Apps
IKEA Partnered with DreamWorks to Showcase Its New LATTJO Play Collection
play_circle_filled Play-Encouraging Furniture Campaigns
Play-Encouraging Furniture Campaigns
This IKEA and DreamWorks Ad Inspires Kids to Say Yes to Play
Social Shelving Campaigns
Social Shelving Campaigns
This Inventive Instagram Idea Cleverly Uses the Photo Grid
Water-Purifying Pumps
Water-Purifying Pumps
This Portable Water Purifier Creates Clean Drinking Water on the Go
play_circle_filled Family-Bonding Food Commercials
Family-Bonding Food Commercials
IKEA's 'Together We Eat' Campaign Wants to Get to Know Your Family
play_circle_filled Life Lesson Scout Ads
Life Lesson Scout Ads
This Ad by Not Norm Displays the Useful Lessons Learned Through Scouts
Technology-Mocking Ads
Technology-Mocking Ads
This IKEA Singapore Image Celebrates Old-Fashioned Pencils
Elegant Jellyfish Tanks
Elegant Jellyfish Tanks
The 'Darwin Tank' is a Glass Dome Specially Made for Jellyfish
play_circle_filled Miniature Modular Kitchens
Miniature Modular Kitchens
This Ad Shows How Easy It is to Create a Custom IKEA Modular Kitchen
Tweet-Rewarding Vending Machines
Tweet-Rewarding Vending Machines
This Pop-Up IKEA Vending Machine Gives Prizes for Hashtags
Inequality-Exposing Illustrations
Inequality-Exposing Illustrations
These Gender Equality Comics Use Humor to Illuminate Injustice
Typographic Furniture Ads
Typographic Furniture Ads
This Fun IKEA Ad Promotes the Company's Storage Solutions
In-Store Boutiques
In-Store Boutiques
John Lewis' In-Store Shop Highlights Noteworthy Products with Pop-Up Displays
Premature Christmas Campaigns
Premature Christmas Campaigns
Selfridges Starts the Holidays Early with Christmas in August
Provocative Hunger Awareness Ads
Provocative Hunger Awareness Ads
These Controversial Ads Raise Awareness About Hunger in the U.S.
Mineral-Enriched Water
Mineral-Enriched Water
Jeju 16 Water is Naturally Purified Through Layers of Volcanic Rock
Exotic Superfood Yogurts
Exotic Superfood Yogurts
Stonyfield Organic's Pomegranate Raspberry Acai Blend is Fat-Free
Handmade Conservation Ads
Handmade Conservation Ads
The 'Use Only What You Need' Water Campaign Uses Hand-Crafted Ads
Matcha Iced Teas
Matcha Iced Teas
Love & Lemons Creates a Minty Cold Tea With Exotic Ingredients
play_circle_filled LGBT-Friendly Yogurt Ads
LGBT-Friendly Yogurt Ads
The Chobani Love This Life Campaign Focuses on Modern Day Relationships
Dad-Celebrating Coffee Sets
Dad-Celebrating Coffee Sets
Soma and Intelligentsia Teamed Up to Make the Ultimate Gift for Dads
Charitable Water Bottles
Charitable Water Bottles
The Sale of 'Alter Ego' Water Bottles Helps to Improve Clean Water Access
Crunchy Yogurt Kits
Crunchy Yogurt Kits
Alpina's Portable Snack Containers Combine Cereal and Yogurt
Cold-Pressed Product Expansions
Cold-Pressed Product Expansions
The Starbucks Evolution Fresh Smoothies Includes a Kale Drink
Paper Bottle Chillers
Paper Bottle Chillers
Glacial's Print Ad Doubles as a Way to Cool a Bottle of Beer
play_circle_filled Penguin Parody Videos
Penguin Parody Videos
Redshirt Films' Parody Commercial Puts a New Spin on John Lewis' Ad
play_circle_filled Imaginary Companion Ads
Imaginary Companion Ads
This John Lewis Christmas Commercial Stars a Boy and His Penguin Friend
Hunger-Fighting Campaigns
Hunger-Fighting Campaigns
India's Rice Bucket Challenge Immediately Helps the Hungry
Social Commentary Smoothies
Social Commentary Smoothies
Skittles by Josh Kline Uses Unconventional and Poetic Ingredients
play_circle_filled Retrospective Anniversary Ads
Retrospective Anniversary Ads
The Fast & Ever-Moving John Lewis Celebrates Its 150th Anniversary
Exploding Yogurt Ads
Exploding Yogurt Ads
Q Meieriene's Yogurt Ads are Explosively Eye-Catching
Unfolding Eating Surfaces
Unfolding Eating Surfaces
The Origami Table Opens Out to Assume Three Sizes and Setups
Nostalgic Sitcom Yogurt Ads (UPDATE)
Nostalgic Sitcom Yogurt Ads (UPDATE)
The 2014 Oikos Super Bowl Ad Reunites the Cast of Full House
play_circle_filled Comical Beef Head Ads
Comical Beef Head Ads
This Yogurt Commercial is Sure to Make Anyone Laugh
play_circle_filled Surprise Grocery Store Operas
Surprise Grocery Store Operas
The Sacla' Stage Shopera Showcases an Impromptu Market Performance
Comical Civil Rights Videos
Comical Civil Rights Videos
'College Humor' Injects Humor into Critical Gay Marriage Controversy
play_circle_filled Romantic Snowman Ads
Romantic Snowman Ads
‘The Journey’ by John Lewis is Adorably Enduring
Morning Meal-Inspired Yogurts
Morning Meal-Inspired Yogurts
Jamie Lee Curtis Returns to Promote Activia Breakfast Blend
Campy Coffee Brands
Campy Coffee Brands
Gay Coffee Raises Awareness with Same-Sex Supportive Brews
Meme-Mocking Marketing
Meme-Mocking Marketing
The PETA AutoCorrect Ads Use Familiar Humor for a Great Cause
play_circle_filled Oil Spill Clean-Up Parodies
Oil Spill Clean-Up Parodies
The Greenpeace ‘ScamWow' Spoofs on Serious Matters
Professional Orange Squeezers
Professional Orange Squeezers
Arano 'Keeping It Real' Juice Ad Campaign