This Ad by Not Norm Displays the Useful Lessons Learned Through Scouts

 - Sep 12, 2015
References: & adweek
Scouts South Africa and Cape Town agency Not Norm created this emotional commercial that displays the importance of useful lessons learned through Scouts. The ad encourages the younger generations to attend Scouts, which will teach them useful lessons that could save a life.

The ad takes place at a deserted beach where a young girl is drowning. A boy rushes to her rescue and pulls her out of the water. The young boy proceeds to conduct CPR on the unconscious girl. When she comes to the ad reveals that it wasn't a young boy, but it was actually the girl's father who saved her.

The tag line of the ad reads "Learn it young. Remember it forever." This touching ad seeks to encourage the youth to participate in social activities that teach young people more than just how to roast a marshmallow.