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Gamified Relaxation

Consumers are utilizing games to enhance their relaxation experiences

Implications - While gaming is traditionally associated with excitement and competition, there is a growing category of games that are focused on encouraging relaxation for consumers. Interactive experiences like the ones that promote de-stressing are aimed to challenge the common perception that spending too much time with technology magnifies consumer stress.
Workshop Question - How can your brand use interactive experiences to promote a sense of well-being or relaxation?
5 Featured, 43 Examples:
49,909 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Dec 16 — Jun 18
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

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Cat-Collecting VR Games
Cat-Collecting VR Games
'Neko Atsume' VR Turns Up the Cuteness of the Original in a VR Landscape
Re-Issued Iconic Videogames
Re-Issued Iconic Videogames
'Return of Double Dragon' Will Finally See a Release Outside of Japan
play_circle_filled Breakdancing Rhythm Games
Breakdancing Rhythm Games
Floor Kids Lets Players Live Out Breakdancing Fantasies
Nostalgic Hand-Painted Games
Nostalgic Hand-Painted Games
'Knights and Bikes' Follows Young Girls in Small-Town 80s England
Road Trip-Themed Board Games
Road Trip-Themed Board Games
The 'On Tour' Board Game Has Players Travel Across the USA
Relationship-Focused Tabletop RPGs
Relationship-Focused Tabletop RPGs
The Star Crossed Game Lets Players Build Personal Love Stories
Story-Focused Anime Games
Story-Focused Anime Games
'Forgotton Anne' Prides Itself on Art and Story
Coffee-Themed Fighting Games
Coffee-Themed Fighting Games
'Coffee Crisis' Pits Metal-Loving Baristas Against Alien Invaders
Face-Focused Photo Features
Face-Focused Photo Features
God of War's New Photo Mode Lets Players Adjust Facial Expressions
play_circle_filled Convention-Planning Games
Convention-Planning Games
'The Con Simulator' Gives Players the Chance to Craft a Dream Event
play_circle_filled Investigative Indie Games
Investigative Indie Games
'Dead Secret Circle' Has Players Investigate and Avoid a Serial Killer
play_circle_filled Bird Romance Indie Games
Bird Romance Indie Games
'On The Fly' Blends Multiple Game Styles to Tell a Charming Story
play_circle_filled Co-Op Ship Maintenance Games
Co-Op Ship Maintenance Games
39 Days to Mars Tasks Players with Maintaining a Dying Vessel
play_circle_filled Introspective Experience Games
Introspective Experience Games
'The Stillness of the Wind' Explores a Solitary Life on a Farm
Dreamy Puzzle Games
Dreamy Puzzle Games
'The Garden Between' Crafts Gorgeous Worlds with Innovative Gameplay
play_circle_filled Stained Glass Indie Games
Stained Glass Indie Games
Beauty and Action are Brought Together in the World of The Land of Glass
Momentum-Based Space Shooters
Momentum-Based Space Shooters
Cycle 28 Challenges Players With the Reliving the Same Day In Space
play_circle_filled Passive 2D Brawlers
Passive 2D Brawlers
'Way of the Passive Fist' Turns Focuses on Defensive Combat in the Wasteland
play_circle_filled Conservation-Focused Games
Conservation-Focused Games
The Polyventure Game Forces Players to Face an Uncomfortable World
Free-Form Art Games
Free-Form Art Games
The Skuiggle Game Lacks Motivation But Offers Tons of Expression
play_circle_filled Gorgeous Low-Polygon Games
Gorgeous Low-Polygon Games
'The World Begins With You' Has Beautiful Aesthetics and Design
Internet Interaction Video Games
Internet Interaction Video Games
'Dab on 'em Haterz' Helps Players Feel Better About Themselves
play_circle_filled Heartwarming Indie Games
Heartwarming Indie Games
'All Our Asias' is a Beautiful Exploration on Cultural Identity
play_circle_filled Folklore-Inspired Videogames
Folklore-Inspired Videogames
'Where the Water Tastes Like Wine' Whisks Players on a Wild Journey
Video Game Art Marketplaces
Video Game Art Marketplaces
Fans Love You is an eCommerce Platform for Video Game Artwork
play_circle_filled Tear-Jerking Pet Games
Tear-Jerking Pet Games
'Till the Dawn, Waiting' Presents a Dog's Experience of Abandonment
play_circle_filled Hyper-Stimulating Action Games
Hyper-Stimulating Action Games
'Rym 9000' is a Frantic Masterpiece that Pushes a Player's Skills
play_circle_filled Song-Based Indie Games
Song-Based Indie Games
The Indie Game 'Wandesong' is a Whimsical Adventure of Music and Friendship
Fruity AR Coloring Books
Fruity AR Coloring Books
Fruit Shoot Made an Interactive Game That Entertains Kids at Restaurants
play_circle_filled Hand-Drawn Platformer Games
Hand-Drawn Platformer Games
The Art from 'Cuphead' Takes Inspiration from 1930s-Style Cartoons
Art-Based Smartphone Games
Art-Based Smartphone Games
'Islands: Non-Places' Is a Show of Both Aesthetics and Gameplay
Programmable Sleep Masks
Programmable Sleep Masks
The 'Nuvi' Sleep Mask is Designed to Help Improve Sleep Quality
Lucid Dream-Inducing Headbands
Lucid Dream-Inducing Headbands
The LucidCatcher Allows Users to Control Their Dreams
Blue Light-Blocking Glasses
Blue Light-Blocking Glasses
The Jins Screen Night Glasses are Designed to Help Users Sleep Better
Comprehensive Sleep-Inducing Devices
Comprehensive Sleep-Inducing Devices
This Device Uses Light, Sound and Smell to Induce Deep Sleep
Sleep-Inducing Podcasts
Sleep-Inducing Podcasts
This Unique Podcast is Designed to Help Listeners Fall Asleep Quickly
Sleep-Supporting Lightbulbs
Sleep-Supporting Lightbulbs
The 'C Sleep' Lightbulb is Designed to Support Healthy Sleep Patterns
Children's Sleep Trackers
Children's Sleep Trackers
'REMI' Learns Your Kid's Sleep Routines and Tracks Their Sleep Progress
Musical Digital Typewriters
Musical Digital Typewriters
The 'Typatone' App Creates Musical Typing with Sounds for Each Letter
Soothing Sleep Headphones
Soothing Sleep Headphones
This Audio-Playing Eye Mask Blocks Out Noise and Light
Track-Mixing Relaxation Apps
Track-Mixing Relaxation Apps
The Omvana Meditation App Lets Users Overlay Ambient & Vocal Tracks
play_circle_filled DIY App-Inspired Boxes
DIY App-Inspired Boxes
This Entrepreneur Created a Real Life Flappy Bird Box Game
Video Game Pixel Art
Video Game Pixel Art
Get Nostalgic with These Pixelated Video Game Scenes