Beauty and Action are Brought Together in the World of The Land of Glass

 - Apr 3, 2018
References: store.steampowered & indiegames
Sometimes a game can grab a persons attention just at a glance and The Land of Glass is just that type of game, with its gorgeous stained glass aesthetic. Developed by Dual Wield Software, this game is a visual masterpiece that manages to utilize color, lighting and art design in an incredible way. Environments are gorgeously rendered and evoke a high-fantasy motifs without being aggressive and bleak. Character cards are striking and instantly memorable, while the world is beautifully represented in color and shade.

Beyond the striking aesthetic, The Land of Glass bases its RPG gameplay along with strategic combat, as well as card and deck building. Combat is handled with cards and the game features hundreds with unique qualities and abilities. Players will get to choose from this gigantic pool and can customize their play-style for offensive or defensive tactics. The campaign is split between the game's eight protagonists and spans four journeys as each character explores the world for the first time.