'Knights and Bikes' Follows Young Girls in Small-Town 80s England

 - May 23, 2018
References: foamswordgames & engadget
The video game industry seems to have split into two camps as far as artistry is concerned, and 'Knights and Bikes' is a new indie game that falls squarely on one pole of the spectrum. Modern games tend to be either graphically dazzling, with effect that look incredibly realistic (whether that's realistic to Earth or realistic to some alien wonderland) or artfully crafted to show off an immense care and attention to detail. Knights and Bikes is entirely hand-painted, so it clearly embodies the latter.

The game follows the story of two girls who live on a small island British island. It's set in the 80s, and it adheres to the technology and sensibilities of that era without falling back on the glam tropes that would be easy to rely on.