The Ramble Game Tasks Players with Simply Enjoying the World Around Them

 - May 28, 2018
References: & indiegames
While the majority of games focus on heart-pounding action or thrilling twists, the Ramble game focuses primarily on relaxation and exploration of gorgeous artwork. Designed as an experimental 3D exploration game, this title utilizes procedural generation to create shifting worlds in a stunningly gorgeous watercolor aesthetic. By traversing the landscapes of the Ramble game, players will get to see the world evolve and spring to life.

The game itself is devoid of any explicit narrative and only small tertiary objectives are given to the player. Some of the tasks include building and maintaining structure, but again, these objectives can easily be ignored and do not affect the main functions of the game. Instead, players are tasked with simply traversing and enjoying the world, while observing how it changes as they progress.