From Virtual Reality Experiences to Nostalgic Gaming Consoles

 - Feb 24, 2018
These February 2018 game ideas range from virtual reality experiences to old school gaming console revivals, proving that the power of nostalgia can be rivaled only by the amusement of new technology.

Some of this month's most notable game-related offerings include the expansion of the HQ trivia app, which became available to a UK audience after the app's North American success. Meanwhile, some entertainment tools like 'Game of Phones' blend the virtual world with the physical one, through offering a card game for the phone-obsessed generation Y.

The healthcare industry has additionally leveraged the accessibility and immersion of gaming to help children cope with a cancer diagnosis with the introduction of a game called 'Alpha Beats Cancer.' What's more, is that this month, companies like KFC are using gaming as an educational platform, to teach customers about the history of the brand's fried chicken.