'Beat Saber' is a Cross Between Jedi Fighting and Dance Dance Revolution

 - Jan 23, 2018
References: beatsaber & thenextweb
Dance Dance Revolution is a legendary arcade game that dominated in the late 90s and early 2000s, and Beat Saber has the potential to harness its mechanics while making the game more fitting for the tastes of contemporary gamers. One might describe it as a virtual reality mashup of Jedi fighting and Dance Dance Revolution, and indeed its gameplay seems to be exactly as dazzling as that description intimates.

Though not expressly affiliated with the Star Wars franchise, Beat Saber is clearly indebted to the light saber. Its core mechanic involves swinging two colored shafts, or sabers, to slice through cubes that arrive in rhythm with a backing track. As indicated in teaser footage, that backing music looks to be primarily composed of electronic tracks, which only adds to the futuristic feeling the game is looking to give off.