'The Red Strings Club' is a Fascinating Experience of Free Will

 - Jan 23, 2018
References: cogconnected & polygon
Set in a soulful cyberpunk setting, The Red Strings Club, is a beautiful and fascinating journey into the problem of free will. The game begins with the conclusion of the story and herein lies the idea of free will the game tries to address. While there are branching narratives, player-made choices and player-controlled outcomes, the end results will always find one back at the original conclusion. Unlike other games that feature player-controlled choices, there does not seem to be any bad decision in The Red Strings Club; every choice, whether right or wrong, feels organic. There is no need to replay the choices as every outcome seems appropriate and drives the story further.

With major game studios pumping out triple-A titles at an alarming rate, it has fallen on the indie market to change the way players view games. The Red Strings Club is a perfect example of this innovation, as the story-driven gameplay engages players on a more mental level. The end result isn't a long-winded action sequence, but instead each element of the game builds to a narrative-driven climax. The game was developed by Deconstructeam and published by Devolver Digital and is currently available on PC only.