Black Box VR Give Everyday Workouts a Video Game Twist

 - Jan 15, 2018
References: engadget
Black Box VR debuted a demo version of its innovative virtual reality gym at CES this year, demonstrating a lively combination of workout experiences and immersive, competitive video games.

Black Box VR has scheduled the opening of its first boutique gym in San Francisco for 2018. Gym and video game enthusiasts will step into a 8' x 8' black box and strap on additional technology -- a HTC Vive headset and wearable motion-tracking bands. As the virtual reality gym experience begins, participants find themselves in a stadium, shielding themselves from enemy attacks by doing simple exercise movements such as chest presses.

Eventually, Black Box VR hopes to take its virtual reality gym to new heights by introducing live competitions between players. This will not only enhance performance, but also has the potential to create fun and inclusive gym environments.