The Indie Game 'Wandesong' is a Whimsical Adventure of Music and Friendship

 - Jan 24, 2018
References: dumbandfat & polygon
The indie game 'Wandersong' is a whimsical video game that ditches violence for music. Playing as a gifted bard, a player is brought on a globetrotting adventure to find a magical melody that will preserve the earth. Wandersong is an incredibly creative game from the mind of Greg Lobanov, who was inspired to create the game after a 5,000-mile bike ride across the United States. The game received initial funding through Kickstarter and was co-created with sound designer Em Halberstadt and Musician Gordon McGladdery. The core concept of the game is quite innovative, as players control octaves in the character's voice to solve puzzles and aid the people in the world. It is fairly simple, but thanks to a whimsical art design and incredible soundtrack, Wandersong stands out as a truly impressive game.

Rather than drawing inspiration from other musical games, Wandersong looked more to cartoons that incorporated music. Drawing heavily from cartoons such as Steven Universe and Over The Garden Wall, Wandersong sought to incorporate the aesthetic and pacing featured in the shows. The reason for looking at cartoons instead was to incorporate the more non-intimating tone of cartoons, as well as the positive message they often preach. Far removed from the violent video games seen in the mainstream, Wandersong is a quirky adventure that pushes for friendship and love.