This Unique Podcast is Designed to Help Listeners Fall Asleep Quickly

 - Dec 7, 2015
References: sleepwithmepodcast & bustle
'Sleep With Me' is a popular podcast that is designed to help listeners fall asleep quickly. As most people know, there is nothing worse than the feeling of not being able to fall asleep. This podcast is designed to provide a unique solution for those who suffer from occasional insomnia.

Sleep With Me is a free podcast hosted by Drew Ackerman. The podcast comes out about three times a week and each segment features a long and boring story. The stories are told in a drowsy and monotone voice that is intended to help listeners fall asleep quickly. Unlike a traditional story, the tales Ackerman tells feature many unfinished sentences and unimportant tangents so that there is little incentive to keep listening.

For many people with insomnia, a racing mind is what prevents them from falling asleep. This podcast helps to calm the mind and distract listeners until they are able to drift off.