The Star Crossed Game Lets Players Build Personal Love Stories

 - May 14, 2018
References: kickstarter & polygon
The Star Crossed game brings something new to the tabletop gaming genre as it explores love and player creativity. Published by Bully Pulpit Games, this new experience pairs off characters that "really really want to, but really really shouldn’t." While the game draws its name from the iconic star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet, the game and its systems focus on players creating their own stories.

Unlike traditional tabletop RPGs or board games, the Star Crossed game ditches the dice for a Jenga-style tower of blocks. The use of blocks lowers the barrier of entry for new players, with players having to remove a block based on every action taken in the game. The stories are all completely dictated and created by the players with heavy elements of roleplaying involved in the game.

Image Credit: Jess Fink/Bully Pulpit Games