- May 27, 2018
The top May 2018 toys include everything from motorcycle-inspired rocking chairs to official board games released by the CIA, as well as a mix of both high- and low-tech options for entertainment and education.

Classic kids toys like piggy banks and bubble-blowing wands are being unique new makeovers, with GoSave offering a connected plaything that helps to make money-saving fun and Candylicious Bubbles' Chocolate Bunny releasing edible chocolate-flavored bubbles.

Some of the most educational toys for kids that offer both tangible elements and digital learning include Microsoft's Project Zanzibar playmat, the empowering robotic dolls from Smartgurlz and the MangoBot toy, which helps to teach kids how to code in an easy-to-understand and intuitive way—without having to use a screen.

From Debate-Starting Card Games to Inflatable Dinosaur Toys: