Mezco Creates a Freakishly Realistic One:12 Popeye Figurine

 - Apr 5, 2018
References: entertainmentearth & comicbook
Mezco continues to deliver novelty pieces with its eerily realistic 'One:12 Popeye' figurine collectible. The infamous spinach-consuming character receives a makeover that makes it look more life-like than ever before. Mezco's One:12 Popeye collective figurine is hand painted and stands at approximately 14 centimeters tall, dressed in Popeye's iconic tailored black dress shirt, blue slacks, brown work boots, and a removable tailored pea coat. Additionally, the figurine has three options of headwear -- a Sailor's hat, Captain's hat, and Longshoreman's hat.

The One:12 Popeye figurine also comes with two head portraits, seven interchangeable hands -- including a pair of fists, one for holding spinach and a compass, one for holding a spy glass, a poiting hand, and posing hand.

Image Credit: Mezco Toys