'Islands: Non-Places' Is a Show of Both Aesthetics and Gameplay

 - Dec 21, 2016
References: itunes.apple & fastcodesign
'Islands: Non-Places' is a unique game. It couldn't be farther from the most popular console games like 'Overwatch' or 'Call of Duty,' games that emphasize fast-paced action and violence. Even though it's a smartphone game, it's equally dissimilar to popular casual games like 'Candy Crush' or 'Clash of Clans.' Rather, Islands: Non-Places is a smartphone game for aesthetes that emphasizes haunting visuals and beautiful artwork.

The game was created by Carl Burton, who's artwork was used for the illustrations on the second season of Serial. It features neither characters nor plot in the strictest sense. Instead, it leads gamers around the mazes of Burton's animations, letting them tap through the peaceful yet creepy environments that he has created out of everyday interstices like waiting rooms and bus stops.