'All Our Asias' is a Beautiful Exploration on Cultural Identity

 - Feb 10, 2018
References: sean-han-tani.itch.io & indiegames
'All Our Asias' is a stunning indie game that evokes powerful emotions of cultural history. The game focuses on the dying memories of a father, in an expansive and heartwarming space. The themes of the game focus on race, identity and nationality, and it presents these concepts in a surreal and calming environment. It is not an action driven adventure, nor is it a thrilling mystery. Instead, All Our Asias focuses on the exploration of quiet places and is an examination of the connection between father and son.

All Our Asias places players in shoes of Yuito, a Japanese-American hedge fund analyst, who is brought into his fathers mind through a final letter. The slight futuristic elements of the game explain how Yuito is bale to access his fathers mind, but these sci-fi elements are dropped soon after. Yuito then explores the landscape of the mind and is faced with visions of his father's past. The entire exploration makes Yuito face the ideas of identity and family, while having to face the actions of his past.

Image Credit: All Our Asias