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Contemporized Boomer

Boomer-focused entertainment forgoes stereotypes for playful experiences

Boomers are reclaiming the narrative surrounding their lifestyles and preferences and revealing themselves to be much more "modern" than they are often perceived and portrayed as. Their entertainment preferences are not always as conservative as mainstream discourses would make consumers believe. The changing perception for what Baby Boomers prefer in terms of entertainment speaks to an overarching theme of different demographics choosing to autonomously represent themselves across various platforms.
Workshop Question - How can your brand more accurately represent the demographic it is seeking to cater to?
5 Featured, 43 Examples:
207,312 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Aug 15 — Sep 17
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

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Minute-Long Comedy Shows
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MoMA Has Added Shigetaka Kurita's Original Emojis to Its Permanent Collection
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Facebook is Developing a "Social Reality" Complete with VR Emojis
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On Twitter, 'Botmoji' Helps Users Decipher Emoji Meanings
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Anthropomorphic Emoji Movies
'Emojimovie: Express Yourself' is About the Text Characters
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The Amity App Allows For Immersive and Visual Communications
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Controversial Music Videos
Controversial Music Videos
Kanye West's New Music Video Features Naked Images of Celebrities
Celebrity Breakup Insurance
Celebrity Breakup Insurance
Taobao is Offering Insurance Based on Taylor Swift's Love Life
Songstress Stationary Collections
Songstress Stationary Collections
Taylor Swift x Papyrus Feminine Cards are Designed by the Singer
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Senior Video Chat Initiatives
This Project Aims to Counteract Loneliness Among Senior Citizens
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Premature Christmas Campaigns
Selfridges Starts the Holidays Early with Christmas in August
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Prince-Mocking Ads
Advertisers Capitalize on the Prince Harry Vegas Scandal
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Urban Granny Style Spreads
'Senior Citizens' by Baldovino Barani for SCMP January 2012
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Meme-Mocking Marketing
The PETA AutoCorrect Ads Use Familiar Humor for a Great Cause
Cult-Mocking Ads
Cult-Mocking Ads
Hacienda Restaurant Stirs Up a Controversy with Kool-Aid Cult Billboards
iPhone Mocking Ads
iPhone Mocking Ads
The Samsung Galaxy S Ad Plays on the iPhone 4 Reception Problem
Fat Mocking Ads
Fat Mocking Ads
Gold's Gym Shows That Obesity is Ruining Your Life and Your Clothes
Gesture Mockery Ads
Gesture Mockery Ads
Miller High Life Shows How to Socially Behave
Retro Icons in Modern Ads
Retro Icons in Modern Ads
Monroe & Taylor Become Someone